Sidney Crosby Proves That You Really Can’t Spell Crosby Without Cry

What. A. Douche.

Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin (Ovi will take on the Flyers tonight at The Well) are easily the league's top two stars. There is nothing the NHL wants or needs more than both of those guys playing in its low-rated All-Star game.

Of course, Sidney has a little sand in his snooch: [Globe and Mail– includes obnoxious spelling of favor]

The word filtering out of the Pittsburgh Penguins is that Crosby is an angry young man, angry enough to pull his considerable star presence from one of the league’s showcase events because he does not think the NHL is doing enough to protect its players. An NHL source said Crosby is not likely to tell the NHL he is withdrawing from the all-star game to protest the fact neither player who hit him on the head was suspended. However, he could easily decline and cite the need for complete recovery from a mild concussion.

The source said Crosby, who showed up at the all-star game in Montreal two years ago even though he sustained a knee injury and could not play, is not inclined to do any more such favours right now.


While it's completely reasonable to think Crosby may want the extra time to heal, his real reason for skipping the pick-up style circle-jerk formatted game (I've used that before, but it's just oh so perfect) may have nothing to do with his head, and everything to do with his womanhood.

Yes, Sid, the NHL hates you. They've only used every available means to turn you into a larger-than-life figure, despite your shortcomings and and crybaby attitude.

As the wife of all-star reader Jose put it: Why is he angry at the league? They already fellate him on a daily basis.

True 'dat.

Seems like a good time to remind you that you can get this Crosby shirt for $15 (with purchase of another full price item):


… and an even better time to show you this video again.



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  1. Soon enough, the douchebag Penguins fans will descend upon this thread like a swarm of uninformed mongoloids spouting lines of “lololol u haet pens bcuz weer beter rofl rofl” and “rofl rofl cindy owns ur shity teem kthxbye”. Let me be the first to greet them: fuck you and die.

  2. this is crap.(sidney crosby not your post) I’m pretty sure everytime a player looks at Sidney Crosby in a mean way they get a penalty. He is by far the most protected player in the NHL and he still isn’t happy! jeez.

  3. “jealousy” – LOLOLOL, what a standard, wealking-boi reponse to unassailable logic. Waaaaah, “you must be jealous” – HAHAHAHAHA, not remotely, skippy. Claims of jealousy are as patently stupid as the sun is hot.

  4. I hear that starting next season that Crosby will play in self inflating plastic bubble a la jake gyllenhaal, in the 2001 blockbuster smash Bubble Boy…. Also the NHL is going to grant the Penguins an extra 2 timeouts a game, to allow for Crosby’s mid game tampon changes…. and possibly 3 timeouts on the “heavy days”… Also daily practices will be cut 2 hours short every Thursday for Sidney and his domestic partner Malkin, to invite over friends for some S&M “crazy for swayze” marathon, this week is Road House and Ghost….

  5. i think i actually hate him more than i hated jagr and casperitis when they were on the pens, at least they weren’t little girls. even though no body goes all out in the all-star game i’d love for him to play and get leveled when he has his head down.

  6. Jealous? Of what? Your placement right behind us in the standings? That one time (out of four attempts) that you beat us this year? That one extra historical Stanley Cup that you have over us (which has no bearing on the present anyway)? Yup, you pegged it. Really jealous. Insanely jealous.

  7. Brendan Shanahan says Sidney Crosby called him yesterday to assure him, if he’s physically able to play, he intends on taking part in All Star weekend in Raleigh, North Carolina.
    “He couldn’t have been more co-operative,” Shanahan told TSN.
    “There was no anger, or suggestion of protest.”
    “He said he was excited about the weekend and the draft,” Shanahan added.
    Shanahan says in voting for the captains, participating players asked about Crosby’s health and whether he would be able to take on a captains role, which Shanahan says meant a lot to Crosby.
    “The respect for Sid by his peers has never been higher.”
    As much as the National Hockey League values Crosby’s presence in Raleigh, Shanahan says his message to the Penguins captain was to focus on getting healthy.
    “I told him to focus on recovery and his injury and not to worry abou the All Star game,” Shanahan said.
    “His focus should be on getting healthy for the Penguins.”

  8. he is everything thats wrong with hockey. Ovechkin, Richards, Dubinsky,Thornton…these are players that emulate Rocket Richard old school hockey. what a c-word

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