Yes, let's mention drunk football fans in the same breath as those who plot to violently end the lives of others.  Clearly, that's the proper analogy to make in wake of Saturday's shooting in Arizona.

If you haven't been following closely, many opine that the rage expressed by Saturday's shooter was fueled by an image on Sarah Palin's website, which displayed a crosshairs over Gabrielle Giffords' congressional district.

We get what Jack Shafer was trying to do in his defense of inflamed politcal rhetoric, agree with some of it, in fact.  But his attempt to equate dozens of fights with even one horrific, politically charged murder is misguided, insensitive, and, once again, unfairly characterizes our city.  [Slate.com]

The great miracle of American politics is that although it can tend toward the cutthroat and thuggish, it is almost devoid of genuine violence outside of a few scuffles and busted lips now and again. With the exception of Saturday's slaughter, I'd wager that in the last 30 years there have been more acts of physical violence in the stands at Philadelphia Eagles home games than in American politics.


We'll avoid the political discussion for now, but this is like saying there are more fender benders in icy parking lots than there are DUI deaths.  Not relatable.  Not even close.

H/T to Scott