As mentioned earlier, Matt Gelb reported in today's Inquirer that the Phillies will be getting a new HD scoreboard.  Reader Mike was in the area today and snapped a few pictures for us.

Looks like there's a crane outside and a big hole where the scoreboard used to be.  Not the best quality, but it was either this or a Sixers post. 

  • Cbp_scoreboard1
  • Cbp_scoreboard2
  • Cb_scoreboard3

The Philly Phans have a front-facing image, as well.

And now… in our weirdest video of the week, Cliff Lee gets a haircut.  Just clean me up man, you know how to do it.

Yeah, we don't know either.

Actually, if you have a couple hours to kill,'s videos of athlete haircuts are so full of win.