This is Going to Hurt

Philly_barsIt's like a "More Bars, in More Places" commercial gone horribly wrong

Three incredibly tough ways to end three amazing seasons.


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  1. All of those moments went through my mind simultaneously as that ball got intercepted. They were all in the same in that they were anti-climactic and left me with feelings of confusion rather than anger. Out of body experience, if you will.

  2. Luckily for him, the Carter whiff on a point blank scoring chance right in front of the net with like a min to go in regulation is forgotten about thanks to Leighton’s horrendous series clinching goal against.

  3. i lol’d hard when i saw that pic. THen i said “C’mon man….”
    Do you go up to people the day after their loved one dies and say “Dude, isn’t that like the 3rd member of your family that died recently? Remember them?”

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