This Lou Williams Documentary is Going to be Hot!


Lou Williams is, by definition, a professional basketball player.  But day in and day out, I turn into whatever I want to be. -Lou Williams, 23

A couple of months ago, we told you about the upcoming Lou williams documentary that was going to rock your world.  Produced by Royal Rae, who actually did a good job on the trailer, the Lou Williams documentary is the story of a second round pick who catapulted himself into NBA mediocrity.

But there's more.

For example, did you know that Lou Williams has devoted himself "into making music- rap, produce, different things."  Did you know that?  No neither did we.

This extended trailer is sure the get the throngs few people who casually for Two Three out of their houses and to the streets, celebrating the life of Lou.  It features scenes of Lou Will pulling up to the barber shop in his Porsche Panamera, Lou Will entering the barber shop, Lou Will talking hoops in the barber shop (stop us if you've seen this one before).  Then, much to the delight of the masses, we are treated to a rare kitchen converstation between Lou and his posse, as they discuss tickets for the upcoming night's game against the C-Notes.  Lou wants to give his good seats to the camera crew, so they can (and I quote) "be close enough if they want to shoot something while I'm sitting over there, watching the game, like I do."  Yep, a playing time joke.  But his boy wants them for a lady- always at the heart of every argument.  Lou threatens to "stick his ass up there in LouWillVille," forever acknowledging the shitty seats given to inner city kids.

Oh yeah, this is HOT.

Of course, that didn't stop Lou Williams from playing the lottery last night.


Watch the extended trailer after the jump.


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