Tough Day for Orange Teams, Syracuse Fans Don’t Know How to High Five

Tough day for both the Flyers and Syracuse.

The Flyers lost 3-1 in a lackluster effort against the Devils. Full story here. Big game tomorrow against the Blackhawks on NBC.

But Villanova peeled the Orange, juiced them, and threw their crumbled remains in the trash, beating them by 11- sorry, I'm low on puns today.

Great effort by Villanova, who shot over and shredded the Syracuse zone to build a large lead early in the first half. They never looked back, holding an 8-10 point lead for most of the game. Syracuse made a run with a few minutes remaining, but 'Nova stiff-armed them and held on for the victory.

Read the full recap at Philly Sports Daily.

Oh yeah, Syracuse fans struggle with this common form of congratulatory male bonding:


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