UPDATE:  Iverson's team denies earlier reports of his imminent retirement.  Would you look at that… []

ISTANBUL — Former NBA star Allen Iverson injured his right ankle playing with his Turkish team and will have an MRI exam Thursday.

Besiktas spokesman Kursat Kaplan said Wednesday the club would assess Iverson's future after the MRI.


As predicted. translated text from a Turkish website saying Allen Iverson may retire, due to an injured left ankle:

Turkish Besiktas famous import, Allen Iverson, appears close to end his career in basketball. The former Philadelphia Sixers’ guard injured his left ankle recently and can’t stand the pain anymore. Later today, he will do a press conference to announce that he is going to have surgery in the United States and will be treated here.

“Leaving the basketball world makes me sad but, sometimes, we have to accept things like they are. I can say goodbye to basketball,” he revealed yesterday.


Of course, when we translate it, the text looks a little different:

Besiktas Cola Turka'nın world-famous basketball star Allen Iverson,basketball came close to quitting. Black-whites Bld Mersin injured left ankle. Iverson does not go away and play in the event and will do a press conference today, and then learned the controls.

Star basketball player best around, "Basketball can say goodbye to my life. Because these pains even find it hard to walk, "he revealed.


Heh?  Yeah, exactly.

Take this all with a grain of salt.  Turkish journalistic standards aren't exactly high.  And remember, back in September, the Spanish website reported that Placido Polanco had a broken arm. Many jumped the gun on the news that turned out to be nothing more than bone spurs in his elbow, which had been reported months earlier.

Moral of the story?  We're dealing with Google translations of a Turkish website.  It does, however, sound like there will be a press conference later today (which is now in Turkey).  We'll keep you updated.