Tucker Carlson Says He Doesn’t Really Want Michael Vick Executed

Maybe we can just execute Tucker instead?  Too far?  I don't care.

What makes a bloviating douchebag pundit worse than they already are?  How about one who flip flops and shrinks away from their opinion, after long consultation with PR folks: [portions from Huffington Post]

"This is what happens when you get too emotional," Carlson said. "I'm a dog lover, I've had dogs my whole life.  I've had three of them.  I love them and I know a lot about what Michael Vick did, what he admitted doing.  And I'm not going to get into it on the show because it's too upsetting, but anyone who looks into how he mistreated these dogs- he personally tortured them- gets upset.  I overspoke. I'm uncomfortable with the death penalty in any circumstance. Of course I don't think he should be executed, but I do think that what he did is truly appalling."

"A convicted child molester doesn't get to adopt kids," Carlson responded. He quickly added that he wasnt comparing Vick to a child molester, but wanted to point out that just because he worked with animal rights societies didn't mean that people couldn't be "disgusted" at his actions. 


No, no- he was comparing child molesters to Vick.  Nice.  Just stop talking.

Of course, Sean Hannity then thanked Carlson for bringing attention to the show.  Mission accomplished, Tuck.

4:09 mark in the video.


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  1. Tucker compared Vick to child molesters because he’s a bow tie wearing mo himself. He touched me…true story.

  2. Tucker Carlson was endighted today on dog fighting charges, when his hair piece inexplicably jumped off his head and ate a jack russell terrier. All that and Vai with sports tonight at 11.

  3. He was referring to Mike Vick telling ESPN that he would like to have a dog for his daughter. He feels that he is rehabilitated and has that right now. That was the child molester reference. Don’t agree with Carlson’s statement, don’t really like dogs, and couldn’t care less about Mike Vick. But, uncover the entire story before you just put something out there just because you want your goofy football team to win. When the Packers win on Sunday, still going to be oozing over Vick?

  4. @ Bored- You realize this is a sports blog website where the sole purpose is to talk about our “goofy” football teams and trounce nubs like Carlson right? I’m familiar with the half a paragraph ESPN reported on some time back about Vick’s daughter wanting a dog…it’s irrelevant. That logic is shot. So I’ve crashed my car…should I never be able to drive one again? Regardless of Sunday’s outcome we’ll all still be Eagles fans…except you…which begs the question, what are you doing here?

  5. Comparing Vick’s dog torture to crashing a car is ludicrous (and I’m an Eagles fan).
    Accept reality: Not all of us have overcome our queasiness about Vick as an Eagle.
    Personally, I think that not only should Vick not be allowed to buy his daughter a puppy — he shouldn’t be allowed custody of his daughter.
    Animal torture is a serious indicator of psychological issues. And I’m just not at all convinced that any living creature is safe in Vick’s care.

  6. Truth??–How is wanting to adopt a dog when you killed countless amounts in the most haineous ways irrelevant? The paralell was that a convicted child molester would not be in a position to adopt a child. Same rule should apply to a convicted animal killer. The reason I post on sites like these is.. I can appreciate sports, but people like you can’t draw distinctions between real life and having a moral compass versus short term gratification of their sports teams. That is what is pathetic.

  7. Vick killed dogs a few years ago and spent time in jail, lost most(all) of his money and was fortunate enough to have the talent to come back to the NFL (doubt they would let just any average player do that) yet there is $1 Billion dollars in unpaid bond money due to the city of philadelphia for violent criminals (murders/rapists etc), BUT we want to worry about Vick buying a dog for his daughter. Do you honestly think he would do anything remotely bad to the dog after what hes been through?! Besides, I think he only has a year or two left before he is legally allowed to own a dog again.
    ps I heard the only reason he killed those dogs was because he was afraided of looking like one of them… which im sure a bunch of you hard ons do yourself…

  8. @ Bored- You have no idea what you’re talking about. The ESPN article is irrelevant because VICK ISN’T ALLOWED TO OWN DOGS, and probably never will. He said, “Yes someday I’d like to own a dog, my daughter wants one…” They had the breed in the article as well, but I’m lazy and am not taking the time to look it up. Some kind of little lap dog. It was all of half a paragraph but I doubt you know that because you probably never read more then the headline. The fact that you felt that was relevant enough to call out this article is bull shit. You’re questioning my moral compass because I’m still an Eagles fan despite Vick? This is how I see it, “I don’t care if the guitar player is a scumbag, I just listen to the music.” That’s Vick. Vick is the scumbag guitar player that I myself don’t even like, but I’m an Eagles fan, and a loyal one. I was before him, and will be after him. Just because I enjoy watching him play football, doesn’t mean shit towards my moral compass. I still think he’s garbage. The real reason you post on site’s like this is because you have nothing better to do then suck Tucker Carlsons dick.
    @Shannon- You might be right in your psychological evaluation, but I’m not a psychiatrist so I don’t know. You’re absolutely right though and I’m not comparing crashing a car to the henious acts Vick did. That’s crazy talk. I was just trying to show that playing the “They did this so they can never do that again” analogy is weak. I respect what you have to say, I know a lot of people that feel the same way.

  9. Look I don’t see the big deal in this it should not even be in question give the man a dog. Vick paid his debt to society by serving his time like a man. I’m sure he now knows that what he did was wrong. I have done time myself for a crime and im not happy about it but guess what I sure as he’ll wont do it again because I for sure don’t want to go back. Bottom line he paid his debt to society get of his back and give him his calm dog

  10. Truth-You are clueless. Talk about reading headlines, that’s my point. The author of this blog glossed over the entire interview to use the child molester quote for effect. You contradicted yourself throughout you’re entire response. You DID equate it to crashing a car. You are getting emotional and defensive. Wonder why that would be? Take some time, figure out what you believe, where you stand, and stick with it. Crashing your car is what they call an accident. Oops, I slammed dogs down, hung and electrocuted them. See the difference, genious? Cheer and praise Vick if you want, you’re team loyalty allows that. But, please save us your weak attempt to look smart with your kind words in response to Shannon. Anyone that reads your first paragraph can make thier own judgement.

  11. $10 says Bored eats processed meat on a regular basis. Lemme draw you a little diagram:
    That little plateau is the moral highground. The period is you not being on it.
    To think that you equate killing animals to molesting children and scarring them for life makes me hope that you aren’t allowed within 50 feet of a school. Or a Chucky Cheese.

  12. You’re a dope too. Go back and read the article in context to understand what is being commented on. Everyone tries so hard to be funny on these blog comment sections. Understand that it just is a topical dialogue between people. Nobody else reads this stuff or cares about your poor attempts to be humorous.

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