If you haven't seen it yet, David Akers held back tears when he met with reporters yesterday.  It was on par with Mike Sweeney's post game interview, after the Phillies lost to the Giants- just difficult to watch.

John Clark of NBC later reported that Akers had suffered through some personal issues during the week.  A quick check of PSD revealed that, as usual, Tim McManus had the full story first:

“I don’t want to put him out there, but he’s been going through a lot this week.  He has some stuff going on. And for him to even be out here was big. He fought through a lot today and this week.”


A source later told Philly Sports Daily that Akers was dealing with some family health issues.

Over the past 12 seasons, Akers has been nothing short of spectacular for the Eagles.  We can replay his missed field goals over and over in our minds, but, at the end of the day, a porous offensive line and a suspect red zone defense is what ultimately cost the Eagles.

Gary Cobb reports that Akers turned down a three-year contract from the Eagles last month.

Video after the jump.