Video: David Akers Takes it Hard, Cries After Tough Week

If you haven't seen it yet, David Akers held back tears when he met with reporters yesterday.  It was on par with Mike Sweeney's post game interview, after the Phillies lost to the Giants- just difficult to watch.

John Clark of NBC later reported that Akers had suffered through some personal issues during the week.  A quick check of PSD revealed that, as usual, Tim McManus had the full story first:

“I don’t want to put him out there, but he’s been going through a lot this week.  He has some stuff going on. And for him to even be out here was big. He fought through a lot today and this week.”


A source later told Philly Sports Daily that Akers was dealing with some family health issues.

Over the past 12 seasons, Akers has been nothing short of spectacular for the Eagles.  We can replay his missed field goals over and over in our minds, but, at the end of the day, a porous offensive line and a suspect red zone defense is what ultimately cost the Eagles.

Gary Cobb reports that Akers turned down a three-year contract from the Eagles last month.

Video after the jump.


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  1. I hope everything is ok with Akers and his family. Those misses were indeed brutal but like you said the game was lost by that fat asshole with the headset. And the fact that he had the balls to throw Akers under the bus after the game is a joke. Reid, for all of his gut, is gutless.

  2. i truly hope akers will be in green next yr- he is one of the all time best players for our team!

  3. There’s still nobody I want on the field making a big 40+ or even 50+ yard kick than Akers, no matter what he’s going through off the field. He might not have the cannon leg he used to have, but he can still boot ’em, and you have to take those two awful misses in context with his body of work throughout the decade-plus he’s been with the team.
    Love ya, DA — please come back and earn your chance at redemption next season.

  4. This makes everything from yesterday even worse! i mean Akers is the freaking man! and i didnt hear andy’s post game but FUCK him if he disrespects Dave! Maybe if fatass could adapt! and if mike vick would SPIKE the ball to get everything collected instead of pulling a bret farve, maybe we wouldnt have been in this situation. If desean jackson didnt have more tweets on gameday then catches maybe thigs would have ended differently. BUT one thing is 100%, its not daves fault,though that first attempt was 40+ and into the teeth of a wicked wind, and without the first one the second one doesnt matter as much…

  5. I like Akers, but come on he’s a kicker. He has 2 jobs – kick field goals/PATs and kick off. Everyone else is juggling a dozen responsibilities. I don’t see why pointing out the guy had a bad game is such a big deal. He also hurt them against Arizona 2 years ago – missed PAT, missed FG, kicked the kick off out of bounds after the finally went ahead. Those are monumental mistakes in close games.

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