Video: Flyers Dominate the Canadiens and the Best Shift Ever

For realsies.

The Flyers crushed the Canadiens last night, 5-2, notching their 1,000 home win- the first expansion era team to do so.

The highlight? This shift by Carter, Giroux, and Zherdev. I counted 93 seconds from the time the puck entered the zone until the Canadiens gave up and passed the puck off to Carey Price.

Someone needs to up the AI difficulty, this just ain't realistic, yo. [Play HD version, it looks better]

Read Stevie Why's full recap of the game and the shift, or watch the full extended highlights, after the jump. The choice, it's yours.


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  1. Who’d have ever thought that Zherdev (!) would be involved in the greatest shift of the season!

  2. Zherdev is a beast when he wants to be. Did you see his monstrous hit when he came out of the penalty box in the first?

  3. agree- dude is nasty when he tries. lavs has done well with him. this team is scary deep. carts, who has 23 goals, is like our 5th or 6th best player

  4. I think Zherdev is finally falling into place. Once he does completely he’s going to get that much better. Scary good.

  5. i was watch this game with my dad he was in the kitchen for the first half of this shift when he came back it took him a whole minute to realize we weren’t on the power play thats the way the number one team in hockey should look

  6. Don’t look now, but Jeff Carter has discovered that it’s easier to score goals from in front of the net.

  7. It was great and what made it better was reading the Habs fan board while the game was going. They’re the Yankee fans of hockey. They think their shyte doesn’t stink because of their history.
    Everything was an excuse for why their team was losing. Penalties that shouldn’t have been called on them, not calling enough on the Flyers, whining about the hits from Hartnell and Жердев (while buttheads like Gomez and Peter Kissing Subban can do know wrong). Everything except that their team just sucked and the Flyers outclassed them in every aspect.
    I want to feel sorry for them, like they’re suffering from delusions of grandjure, but in reality they’re just idiots living in denial.
    And it was great how the crowd mind f*BLEEP*cked Subban all night. He is now officially our bitch.

  8. Subban is such a pussy. He’s also an idiot, what with that late first period penalty he took with two of his mates already in the sin bin. Real rocket scientist he is!

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