Video: Jimmy Kimmel Takes Aim at Michael Vick

I'm tired of the dog jokes, but this is pretty funny:

                              H/T to Danny 


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  1. WTF is wrong with all these haters?!?!? I mean seriously he did his time so stop bringing it up. What he did was very very wrong but come on can’t you people see that he’s different now? How come no one’s saying anything about Stallworth?? He killed a HUMAN being and did way less time in prison than Vick. Dont get me wrong, I love dogs but suddenly people are caring more about their pets than other human beings. But this is my opinion and I can’t change your feelings about this matter. Nice article btw!

  2. Okay Justine, here is why, if you really want to know. He not only funded and fought dogs on his own property, he also fed his family pet to his fighting dogs. He electrocuted dogs that did not perform well. He and a partner continously slammed a dog onto the ground until it was dead. There are deep scratches in the pool that Vick and his cohorts threw dogs in to drown and also attached terminals to their ears so they would die by electrocution, The scratches in the pool were made by the dogs trying to escape with their lives, but instead they drowned. For the aggressive females that refused to mate Vick and his cohorts pulled out their teeth and their toenails and tied them to what is called a Rape Stand, so that she was forcefully bred to the male they wanted her bred to. This behavior is called psychopathic behavior, and it is rarely a behavior that is ‘cured’. Almost a 100% recitivism rate. If he had a chance to prove himself changed after prison, that would be different, but he was simply released, and then rewarded for his behaviors without any time inbetween to prove himself a changed man. There are many other things as well, that are too lenghty to go into here. But there is a book called The Lost Dogs that you may want to read. Here is a link for you:

  3. Back to Justin: I did not see Shane’s post until after I replied to you. I don’t wish harm on Vick, I don’t hate him. I do dislike him and I do not believe he has changed his spots. I hope you are right that he has.

  4. Doing a few months in prison is NOT going to change who vick is. He is still a miserable, repulsive, sadistic human being. Sadists and child molesters cannot be rehabilitated, ask any mental health professional.
    People say he did his time as if he did it voluntarily. What choice did he have? He only did his time after he lied and lied and tried to blame the dog fighting operation on his cousin. Once he was backed in a corner because of all the testimony against him, that’s when he said “I did it. I did it all”. And btw, he hasn’t served one day, not one day for animal cruelty. His buddy, Poindexter, in VA saw to that. His conviction for animal cruelty in VA which should have given him 40 years at least, but instead he was given a suspended sentence.
    He’s a changed man?? Don’t make me laugh. He proclaimed to be a Christian long before he was exposed for being the monster he obviously is. I can show you quotes if you’d like, pre-prison, where he thanked God for his career, and where he made many statements in regard to his religion. His lies were very convincing to Arthur Blank and Roger Goodell too, before he was boxed in, denying any connection with the dog fighting. They believed him then too, like so many of you believed him when he said he was innocent, and would clear his good name. What in the world would make ANYBODY believe he has changed??? Just because he’s a little better at football now?? Really?? He’s a monster, and he will always be a monster….

  5. Michael Vick is a despicable human being and has ruined football for me. I have and will continue to cheer for any team opposing the Eagles until he is gone. Those of you that say to simply get over it, he has changed, he served his time, in my opinion were blinded by your hopes of getting a championship. Here’s a tip: people don’t change, especially sociopaths, which is what Vick is. If you are willing to trade in morals, values and ethics for a championship, be my guest. I’ll continue to back my other teams: The Phils and Flyers.

  6. “If you are willing to trade in morals, values and ethics for a championship, be my guest.”
    Lady, I’d trade my first born to see the Eagles win a superbowl…

  7. Vick is an evil Scumbag. You can look at him like a hero. We view him as a sick person who tortured, electrocuted and killed his own beloved dogs for the thrill of watching the dogs kill each other. Nice F’in guy. He deserves nothing good from football and he will get nothing good from life because deep down he is a bad person.

  8. People that torture beings as Vick did do not change. That is inherent to their psyche. He is sadistic and morally deficit. He did time for racketeering, not a minute for the animal cruelty. He is not remorseful, you can see it on his face when he talks about it. And to make matters worse, for a 50,000 dollar donation to HSUS, Pacelle thinks he should be allowed to own a dog! Vick thinks he can buy his way out of public opinion, but it’s not working. We will never forget what he did. It was not just dog fighting, it was monstrous cruelty. People like that don’t change.

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