Villanova Finally Shows Us Something

This is homerism at its finest, folks- get used to it.

I've been saying for a while now that number Villanova has yet to really prove its #7 ranking.  That changed a bit last night, as they soundly defeated Louisville at The Well, 88-74.  They outrebounded the Cardinals 36-19, thanks in large part to Mouptaou Yarou- learn it, love it.

Here are video highlights from some guy who keeps apologizing for only having two and a half minutes of goodness.

Maalik Wayns show begins at 1:20.

Good read on the team's improvement since this point last year here.

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6 Responses

  1. 16-1 and you say they had not proved their #7 ranking before last night? All they can do is play and beat the teams that are on the schedule and they’ve done that. I’m not sure what you’re expecting, but every game against lesser ranked opponents isn’t always going to look perfect…if that were always the case in college basketball where every highly ranked team blows out the lesser ranked teams then the NCAA tournament would be a pretty boring event in the first couple rounds. Needless to say, they had proved their ranking a long time ago. In my opinion, they should be ranked top 5 and I’m more of a Temple basketball fan than I am ‘Nova fan so my opinion isn’t biased.

  2. I hear you, but really, they hadn’t PLAYED well. Throwing out opponents for a sec, they looked no different than the team the ended the season last year. Scoring droughts, forcing bad shots, playing down to opponents.
    Last night, was the first time in a while, where they played an all-around game against a high-level opponent.

  3. Yeah I’m a big Nova fan, and going into last night I kept wondering when this team would falter to one of those lesser ranked teams. If they play as they did last night, they’ll tear up the Big East.

  4. You said throw out the opponents and then used the word “opponent” in your explanation twice after that…but needless to say, I do agree with you. They had not played to their potential until last night. However, I also believe that it shows the characteristics of a good team that they can still be 16-1 and currently be on a 10 game win streak without having played their best ball.

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