Villanova Rocks New Nike Hyper Elite Jerseys

Hello big time! Oh you are so quickly going to tire of my homerism.

In case you have been living in a cave aren't a complete loser like myself, last year Nike unveiled their Hyper Elite jerseys- that's pretentious for "revenue generator." They are a specific line of uniforms rolled out to only their top schools. They have a slimmer fit and an aerographic technology on the back of the jersey that allows for silhouetted images of the school. Their words, not mine.

At the start of last season, 'Nova became a Nike "Elite" school (follow us here). They were given slightly different uniforms, but not with the exact same detail and material as those given to the top flight programs. Today, they joined the likes of Duke, Syracuse, Kentucky, and even Team USA, in reaching new levels of douchebaggery in uniforms. I'll be buying one tomorrow.

No shoulder stripes and a new collar for 'Nova, too. Win.

Trust me, you are all going to thank me for this post the next time you turn on your TV and wonder what the hell they are wearing.

Video description of Syracuse's version, after the jump.


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  1. i think this is the same kind of style that nike used for their olympic hockey jerseys last year…USA, canada, germany, russia were a few of them

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