We Are the Most Depressed Football City

Womp womp.

Kick us while we're down, why don't you. NBCPhiladelphia has an article about a study from Avvo.com, a site that rates doctors and lawyers (so why football fans?), that says Philly is the most depressed football city. 

The criteria? [NBC Philladelphia]

The Avvo folks considered various factors including labor stats, psychiatrists per capita, commute, adults with hypertension, yearly sunshine, heavy drinking and behavioral risk factors.


Why us? Why not us.

“Americans are extremely passionate and loyal to their favorite football teams, but when they’re beloved team loses, fails in the biggest of games or just plain underachieves, it’s not uncommon for them to be depressed or melancholy,” said Mark Britton, founder and CEO of Avvo. “That said, it’s not surprising that Philadelphia and Atlanta top the list because their respective teams, while strong of late, have never been able to bring home a Super Bowl, and thus every season has ended in bitter disappointment.”



My thoughts on why we are always first, or last, in these surveys? There a few cities out there-besides New York, where I would guess most of these surveys originate- that have the sort of loyal fan base, media landscape, and blogosphere necessary to give attention to these pointless studies.

They pick on us? A bunch of attention to them. They pick on #2 Atlanta? Nobody cares.

Well played, survey folks. Well played.


10 Responses

  1. Well, that was unnecessarily painful.
    Although, I get tired of hearing about how Philadelphia fans are the worst fans in sports in one way or another.
    Why are people putting their money into studies like these when there are more important things to study? How about we take that money to find a cure for cancer, instead of kicking Philadelphia fans around and restating what’s already been said.

  2. WEll said Taylor, but it s true it seems like we are the red headed stepchild …but it shows the rest of the country are a bunch of weaklings…we can deal with this and come back next year, cause it s in our blood…What excuse do bandwagon jumpers have?

  3. HAHA! Maurice hit it on the head! Cleveland is a Shithold and a half! The city is small and lacking major convinences. They have horrible weather! and they havent won a title in their 3 sports since…………the 64 season!

  4. Well, given that Eagles fans have to deal with Andy Reid and his madness year after year after year, is it any wonder we’re depressed? Whatever money that was spent on that half-assed study that did nothing more than state the painfully obvious should’ve been given to the poor and needy instead.

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