Your Morning Carts: ZOMG! He Fought Edition


For only the second time in his NHL career, Jeff Carter got into a fight. Well, it wasn't so much a fight as it was what happens when your Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em robots would get stuck together and feverishly pounding on the buttons did nothing more than get them even more tangled than they already were.

His was one of just many last night. Claude Giroux, Scott Hartnell, Sean O'Donnell, and Jody Shelley all threw down in what was a wild third period.

The Flyers won 6-2, but this game was all about the fights.

Great video montage of the fights, after the jump. When you're done watching, read Stevie Why's full recap and check out, which has more on the melee.

Also, Our friends at Philly Phaithful have a sale going on to celebrate kick ass hockey. Use code oldtimehockey now thru tonight at 10 P.M. and receive 20% off all Flyers shirts.

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15 Responses

  1. It’s funny, the second I saw that #17 jersey grappling with a Senator, I immediately thought of you and how you would make fun of him.

  2. Just a quick note. The links are switched around. Also, Go Flyers, The Orange and the Black, The Orange and the Black!

  3. Those Sens announcers are so terrible. With Girouxs check, the player had his head down with the puck and Giroux checks him and their announcer sits there for 3 minutes talking about how Giroux never hits anyone, and how he is looking to injure Sens players and how he lost respect for him. Quit crying, your team blows, we stomped them, now go back to your crappy town and enjoy the losing season, we got a cup to chase.

  4. Sean, i was thinking the exact same thing last night about the sens announcers. When they showed the replay, it looked like an arm to arm check…or shoulder to arm at worst….what the F were they complaining about? Intent to injure? THen he made a statement about how the supposed giroux dirty hit plus Shelley’s refusal to fight carkner adds up to the 0-16 record on the road in the last bunch of stanley cup finals appearances. What a jerk off.

  5. In fairness, Giroux was jumping around, and it was out of character. It was a frustrating game for the Sens because through the first two periods they outplayed the Flyers and had nothing to show for it because of bad goaltending. The Flyers did take it to them in the third, and now Giroux is jumping into a guy away from the puck when he has guys to protect him. Credit to Giroux for standing up for a fair fight, but I was concerned to see him take his helmet off and swing as wildly as he did. He does get an A for effort

  6. Ottawa, Winchester, and Carter have reclined to comment on whether or not the fight was spark over Winchesters girlfriend “sudden business trip to Philadelphia”

  7. Props to Shelly for not taking cheap shots at Neil while he was on the ice… like someone we’re all familiar with.

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