Your New Daily News Sports Columnist? Ed Rendell

What else is Gov to with his free time?

Philadelphia Will Do has the memo that was sent to Daily News staffers today by editor Larry Platt:

Speaking of loud voices, I also want to welcome our new sports columnist, none other than Ed Rendell. Some fifteen years ago…

…I look forward to our Fan-In-Chief surprising and amusing us in print every week, starting this Wednesday.


Opine in the comments. Perhaps Gov can explain this Steelers jersey.


5 Responses

  1. There goes Rendell again trying to surpass Phil as the most famous groundhog in Pennsylvania.

  2. He’s a political analyst for MSNBC now as well. He’s keeping busy. Eagles Postgame Live isn’t a full-time job I guess.

  3. it cant be a full time job when football hopefully gets the hint and doesnt come back next year…

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