Phillies_new_hd_scoreboardGot out of my basement and took this today. Right now it's just a big hole. That what she said.

– According to Matt Gelb, the Phillies have officially announced the installation of a new, $10 million HD scoreboard that will be the largest in the National League at 76 x 97 feet- triple the size of the old one. It's to show better close-ups of Cliff Lee. The current scoreboard will be sent to Clearwater.

Artists rendering of it here. Looks like it's going to be one large screen that can be manipulated as needed- similar to The Well.

- The Flyers have announced that Danny Briere will take Jarome Iginla's (who can't play for personal reasons) spot in the All-Star game. Stevie Why is convinced the league hates Briere, who was originally not selected for the game.

– Sam Carchidi says it looks like Chris Pronger will play tomorrow night against Ottawa.

Al Davis photo via our friends at The Wiz Wit- he looks like he's dead. For realsies.

– Stay tuned for more details of a Super Bowl Party we're hosting with Philly Sports Daily at McFadden's Ballpark. Oh yeah, FREE beers for the entire first half.

– Get tickets to the April 2nd Phillies game to see what will likely be Cliff Lee's first start. We are hosting a tailgate with the Philly Phaithful folks. Again, more details coming- I got to keep getting out of my basement to finalize all of this stuff.