Pat Burrell in Boxer Briefs Cavorting with Three Bimbos

I received an email yesterday around 4 P.M. that said the following…

Subject: Pat Burell —- Go on…

Body: The man, the legend, Pat the Bat —- I'm hooked, what else you got?

How about two pictures of Bat in boxer briefs and The Machine costume, respectively.

A search revealed these had already been posted on Barstool Sports. Quick check with El Presidente said that we were cool to use one. And boom, that's why you're staring at a picture of Pat Burrell, who is apparently now divorced, wearing nothing but boxer briefs, draped over the shoulder of three broads who probably deposited their last meal into a toilet. It was allegedy taken at Barry Zito’s $9 million Tuscan Mansion in California. But the where is not important. It's the what.

This is why we created an award for him, folks.

Second pic that further proves Pat is, indeed, The Machine- right here.

H/T Jimbo and Ian


11 Responses

  1. I thought the color white made things look bigger! Anyone see any bulge at all there? Hope those chicks are in it for the money! Stay classy, Pat! 😛

  2. pat the bat is still the man the guy bats like .257 for his career has two rings spread hpv all over the deleware valley ….while im working my tale off for a paycheck everyday he is partying with hot chicks in a speedo by a pool in cali…its a good gig if you can get it

  3. Backtrack to Wednesday’s Jim Rome radio interview with professional golfer Steve Elkington to learn EXACTLY how screwed up Pat Burrell really is. Rome is a blowhard but Elkington tells things like they are.

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