Lavs was not happy after last night's 4-1 loss in Ottawa: [transcription via Philly Sports Daily]:

Q: Can you explain it?

Laviolette: “No.”

Q: You could’ve had four or five goals in that first period.

Laviolette: “Yep.”

Q: Do you think your team was a little bit frustrated because it wasn’t ahead 4-0 after the first period?

Laviolette: “I can’t answer that. That’s a question I can’t answer.”

Q: Peter, obviously with a lot of injuries and illnesses and doing what you had to do today with JvR off – is chemistry disrupted tonight, at all? Did that play a part in it?

Laviolette: “Again, I don’t have an answer 100 percent on that. We were clearly outworked for 40 minutes. I don’t whether you’re right. I don’t whether you’re right. I don’t have those answers. I’d be guessing.”

Q: What’d you think of [Erik] Gustafsson tonight?

Laviolette: “I thought he did a good job. He moved the puck well. I thought he played well.”

Q: How about [Nikolay] Zherdev?

Laviolette: “I thought he tried. I thought he tried to skate hard.”


That'd be a first for Zherdev.

Video of the presser, after the jump.