Video: Apparently, Tampa Bay is a “True Hockey Paradise”

You really can't make this stuff up…

The Flyers will enter the St. Pete Times Forum tonight to try and win their first game this year against the Tampa Bay Lightning. This is their last chance in the regular season, the Flyers are 0-for-3 so far, including a 4-0 shutout just two weeks ago coming off the All-Star break.

We may not have beaten the Lightning anytime recently, but after hearing what I'm about to share with you, I'm confident in saying that we have them beat in one category.

At the Wells Fargo Center, the folks controlling the audio always seem to know which song to play to get the fans out of their seats.

In Tampa, though? Not so much.

First mentioned on WIP minutes ago, Anthony Gargano caught wind of this "electrifying" Tampa tune while listening to a local Tampa sports radio station last night.

Move over, Pennywise. Bro Hymn has nothing on this.

Absolutely riveting. After hearing this, Gargano said, "we can't lose to them anymore."

That sounds about right. 


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  1. Sigh. Yeah, no matter how many hurricanes it gets hit with over the ages, FL still can’t wash away all of its knuckle-dragging rednecks. They seem to breed like palmetto bugs.
    And from a climate standpoint, SoFL is more of a hockey paradise.
    And while I can appreciate some country (Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, etc.), whoever is doing that song is copying that cheesy Kenny Chesny crap that stands for everything that’s wrong with this country.
    They should stick to AC/DC’s Thunderstruck, even if it’s a little tired and not one of their better known classics. Plus, there is a local connection: Brian Johnson is a nearby resident (Sarasota). Don’t know if he’s a hockey fan though.

  2. But Ryan, the guy with the fishing rod holding the Hockey Paradise sign looks a lot like you…

  3. god dammit, as if tampa bay wasn’t pissing me off enough this year they had to make some gay ass country song about hockey, as if they ever had a real fan base

  4. HAHA I thought it was Ryan also! How weird was that? And your right…the DJ at the Wells Fargo DOES know how to get us up out of our seats and get us all excited and screaming…so much fun ☺….That country song doesn’t do anything for me! I wouldn’t rise out of my seat to cheer for the team with that song!
    We have to beat them tonight…Tampa is the only eastern team the Flyers have not won against yet this season. BUT, the Flyers have just acquired Kris Versteeg from the Toronto Mapleleafs…I heard he can really score some big and important goals for his team. I’ve heard nothing but positive things about Versteeg. They are going to win tonight…♥

  5. The Tampa fans are pathetic. They have a decent core fan base but that’s it. It’s a snoozefest going to a Bolts game. Best thing about a game there is the video/scoreboard, it is fantastic, and the bars across the street. Same in Miami, kind of lame but they have a great building, very fan friendly. We have better atmosphere here in Ft. Myers at our ECHL Everblades games.

  6. Wow, watch the metal version linked in there, too. It’s awful. And it uses the same video, so it just looks wrong. Terrible. Let’s kick their asses tonight.

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