Around the NL East: Werth’s Beard, Mets Giving Away Tickets


Souce: William Ladson

Jayson Werth brought back the beard today. Phillies: Minus one beard and a bloated contract, plus one Cliff Lee. Victory, it's ours.

Meanwhile, our friends to the north are giving away free tickets with the purchase of a game plan: []

The Mets … unveiled new season ticket plans this week in which fans who purchase a five-, 11- or 17-game package will get one extra game free.

These packages all include a ticket to Opening Day and one of the Subway Series games against the Yankees. In addition, the Mets will waive the $25 processing fee for those who buy one of the packages before February 26.


So let's recap: Buy a five game plan, get a sixth game free, tickets to see a game against the Yankees, and your're processing fee will be waived.

Sounds like a half-assed Ponzi scheme to me.

Oh yeah, here are various members of the Mets talking about their first kiss. Josh Thole became a man by playing Spin the Bottle. I'm fairly certain David Wright's first kiss was Jose Reyes.

The Amazin' Mets, folks.


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  1. Until we win a World Series I don’t understand why we’re bashing all these cities. Cliff Lee pitches one out of every 5 games, and we fell 6 wins short of a World Series last year. Phillies fans are by far the cockiest in the league.

  2. I’m just saying, I go to games now, half of the fans are playing on their phones, and don’t look at the big picture, they look at Halladay, Hamels, Oswalt and Lee and see a World Series. We were “2010 World Series Champs” at this time last year. I love the Phillies by all means, but theres so many fans now a days that just weren’t there 4 or 5 years ago, that it’s annoying how we proclaim ourselves the best before the season starts.

  3. Unless Cliff Lee can hit or play defense, I’m not going to get as excited about this season as everyone else.

  4. and let’s clarify, BANDWAGON fans are the cocky.
    and as long as boston exists, we can never be the cockiest at anything…god i hate that city.

  5. So let me get this straight here folks, it’s okay to say “Hey, our team is going to win the World Series this year” when you have a average lineup or better. But if you say “Hey, my team is going to win the world series this year” and have the line up and pitching staff to do so, it’s cockiness?
    It sounds like to me people just like to find way to put a good team down, chalk it up to “cockiness” all you want, but it don’t matter….. even when the Phillies didn’t have a good team I’d say “the Phillies are going to do it this year” because THAT’S WHAT REAL FANS DO, A REAL FAN ALWAYS SAYS HIS TEAMS GOING TO TAKE IT THIS YEAR….. REGARDLESS OF THEIR TALENT ON THE TEAM, what just because the Phillies look like to be the best team in the NL we shouldn’t want them to win another World Series?
    Stop yer bitching folks, it’s not cockiness…. it’s confidence, and like any true fan I always have confidence in my team to do it this year, or ANY OTHER YEAR.

  6. Oh and about fans Playing with their phones and such, WE ARE IN THE AGE OF TECHNOLOGY, maybe back in the day, you didn’t see someone playing with something, because this shit didn’t exist yet.
    I know for a fact, I CHECK UPDATES AROUND THE League ON MY PHONE, and injuries and such. Last year I found out J-roll injured his self running out onto the field WHILE i watched the game at the park, what I should avoid getting my information from a device because someone is going to be like “look at that guy, on his phone what a fake fan.” When really I’m not only watching the game, but receiving knowledge you won’t be privy to until you leave the park or wake up the next day.
    Moral of the story folks, mind your own damn business, we already have too many “Mighty then thou” assholes in this world….. the last thing we need is more.
    And talk about not paying attention to the game, what in the hell are people doing worried about what others are doing with the time they paid for in the park, for all I care some dude can do his homework next to me as long as he don’t bother me watching the game, he paid for his ticket the same as me. And if some dude wants to support my favorite team, and do homework or whatever while doing it…… what do I care?

  7. I think Reyes’ answer was in response to being asked, “Jose, when was the last time the Mets were actually relevant?”

  8. The only thing that can stop us this year is Coach Ditka and last time i checked he was coaching little league soccer…

  9. true phillies fans are the ones that have been around long enough to remember the really bad times . like when ken howell was the ace or when the big free agent signing was gregg jeffries . look we spend money now . it just happens that we are major players in the league now . we are on the rise while teams like the wankees are on the decline . and to be honest why cant we be cocky if we stay healthy we will be there in october .

  10. You said it yourself, besides the pitching rotation we have an average lineup. Who in that lineup besides Utley and Howard are players you wouldn’t want to face? Ruiz, maybe? Rollins hasn’t had a great year since 2008, Victorino had an OK 2009 and 2010. Offense was the problem last year, and guess what, it hasn’t improved, it’s only downgraded.

  11. I just wanna say the picture of jayson above it looks to me like his is trying to swallow back some puke!!

  12. Mike, since when is a world series won on bats? My whole life all the baseball greats have told me “and I agree with them” rings are won with great PITCHING, ask the Giants…. they beat us with our lineup last year. And won a championship with solid pitching and their pitiful lineup…. and they done had a parade for it too.
    In the end a great pitcher will beat a good hitter 9 times outa 10. You can hit a ball you can’t track, no matter how good you are.

  13. Der, you guys are gay! Errbody’s a hater and has an….hiccup…..opinion…..i aint drunk, im wasted….@*$% you man! Your prolly wonder
    WTF this guy is talkin bout…..I’m talkin about your face punk! Dat’ll show yer stoopid butts who der boss in heer!
    Sincerily Doug Weed

  14. And I guess my 7 year old nephew, or my 15 year old cousin can’t be a “true” Phillies fan, I mean since they’ve never seen or experienced the “hard times” the Phillies and I as a fan have had. LOL, who cares if someone was there during the hard times, here’s a pin that says “#1 Fan!” and a cookie…. now let it go.
    People come here from other countries, or never really got into baseball growing up and after going to a game or seeing a game on the TV with pals, learn that they REALLY like baseball. People change, their likes and interests change….. learn to deal with it, no one really cares how tall you can stand on your soapbox and preach about “true fandome” and in the end it just makes you look like a child….. “Wahhhh, I’m a better fan then you, wahhhh”
    I consider myself a die hard Phillies fan, but I know for a fact there are fans out there WAY more hardcore then myself, and I’m fine with that. But does that make it right for ’em to say I’m not a true fan? No, it doesn’t.

  15. In the 4 losses to the Giants we scored a total of 10 runs (and half of those were in one game). In 73 games last year we scored 3 runs or less. We lost the guy who was the most valuable position player on the team last year (and 2nd most valuable over the past 4 to Mr Utley). We’re fielding a team with 8 position players and 4 starting pitchers over 30, with a combined age on both sides that’s higher than the 83 Wheeze Kids. Feel free to buy your 2011 World Series tickets but unless a lot of things go right (Chooch wasn’t a fluke last year, Utley stays healthy, they trade Howard for Pujols, etc) I’m not sure I’d pick them to win the division.

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