Souce: William Ladson

Jayson Werth brought back the beard today. Phillies: Minus one beard and a bloated contract, plus one Cliff Lee. Victory, it's ours.

Meanwhile, our friends to the north are giving away free tickets with the purchase of a game plan: [TicketsNews.com]

The Mets … unveiled new season ticket plans this week in which fans who purchase a five-, 11- or 17-game package will get one extra game free.

These packages all include a ticket to Opening Day and one of the Subway Series games against the Yankees. In addition, the Mets will waive the $25 processing fee for those who buy one of the packages before February 26.


So let's recap: Buy a five game plan, get a sixth game free, tickets to see a game against the Yankees, and your're processing fee will be waived.

Sounds like a half-assed Ponzi scheme to me.

Oh yeah, here are various members of the Mets talking about their first kiss. Josh Thole became a man by playing Spin the Bottle. I'm fairly certain David Wright's first kiss was Jose Reyes.

The Amazin' Mets, folks.