Because You Haven’t Heard His Story Enough, Michael Vick is Oprah-bound


"Michael Vick is heeeeerrrrre! Everybody, gets, a carrrrr!"

Pay no mind to the fact that the Eagles have yet to franchise Michael Vick for the 2011 season. Until action is taken on that front, you'll have to find your Michael Vick news elsewhere…

…like, on Oprah.

My Fox Philly broke the news this morning that Vick will appear on the Oprah Winfrey Show after speaking with Dr. Lee Cohen, a podiatrist for Unequal Technologies. Cohen will be a part of the taping in Chicago, to take place next Tuesday, February 22.

Unequal Technologies is "significant" because they were the first company to sign Vick to an endorsement deal since he was jailed for dogfighting in December 2007.

Apparently, this whole idea started as a bet between Piers Morgan and Winfrey. Winfrey was a guest on the inaugural episode of 'Piers Morgan Tonight' and the two made a bet over who would be the first to have Vick appear on their show.

So… Oprah wins, I guess. Super.

Essentially, we'll be subject to another in-depth recount of 'The Michael Vick Story". This Cohen guy, and whoever the hell else they have on the show, will go into detail about how Vick is a changed man, how far he's come since he hit rock bottom. Oprah or Vick might cry or something, maybe both of them, who knows?

What you may forget in all of this is that it's almost been two years since Vick was released from prison. He's been back in the NFL for a couple of seasons, and yeah, it's a compelling story and what he did was really terrible and his 2010 NFL season really gave him redemption and a sense of renewal, blah blah blah. But we've heard this story before. It's old, it's tired.

There are some people who will never get over Vick's participation in dogfighting. There are some people who have forgiven him, and then there are the folks who only care about what he does on the field. People have had plenty of time to make up their minds. Enough with it already.

So while people tune into Oprah to hear the same story for the 47th time, I'll be waiting for the text, the phone call, or the tweet that tells me exactly how Michael Vick fits into the Philadelphia Eagles' plans going forward.

What will you be doing?


8 Responses

  1. Great article. Im so proud of you Ryan. Good luck in your new position with crossing broad. This is only a step in the high road to much success. Keep writing…….. Love ya, your second mom

  2. Not caring.
    Vick is a waste of time. He’s an injury liability and isn’t smart, especially for a QB. He won’t bring a championship here. He’s false hope, just like every aspect of the Eagles franchise.
    It’s time to clean house.

  3. This should be interesting. Oprah has several dogs of her own, I think … and I’ve heard her advocating for shelter dogs.

  4. I guess we shouldn’t expect much from an investigative journalism standpoint when Oprah pretty much got the interview because she made a bet.
    I would have been interested in seeing something like that a year or so ago, Sherry, but at this point, I’m ready to look at the Michael Vick situation from a purely football-related angle.

  5. It’ll be like just about everything else I do. If I think about it or something, I might tune in to see how the crowd reacts to him.
    I’m glad this article didn’t get all caught up in the drama though. Nice job and welcome.

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