Buzz Bissinger Calls David Akers a Jerk, Criticizes Him for Missing Field Goals

Responding to comments made in this column, The Super Bowl That Never Was, Buzz Bissinger took to Twitter to trash David Akers (yeah, the guy whose daughter had an ovarian cyst) for missing two field goals during the first round of the playoffs. Aggregated for your reading pleasure:

David Akers is a jerk, sorry. He plays at most 20 times a year. He is a profssional. He sucks it up or tells Reid he can't play. Instead he plays, plays lousy and then dimes Reid out for not being sensitive. Gimme a break Akers. Man up. Be a professional. Plus doctors indicated that Akers' daughter's entire ovary should be removed. They said no. Is that in the best interest of the child? I had a child who who weight 1 lb. 11 ounces when born in 1983. In ICU for seven months. Came home on supplemental oxygen. Trumatic yes. So Akers should have said that he simply could not work. But he was afraid of being called Pussy. So he did the worst thing possible. And what do you think he told Reid–My head is in the clouds but I will what I can. I am sure he said he was fine and ready to go.


Sometimes I consider myself the biggest asshole on earth for some of the stuff we write on here, but I'm not sure it comes close to that. 

Bissinger makes a lot of good points, including this one…

I thought i would never say this, but bloggers are right that sportswriters in a locker room makes them part of the team.


… but the Akers comments? Low blow. 


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  1. A little harsh, but I think he makes a point. If you decide to play then there are no excuses. The “worst thing possible” that Bizzinger never elaborates on (probably because on Twitter you can’t elaborate on anything…put that in a column, Buzz) I assume is being messed up in the head, saying you can play, and then using your personal problems as an excuse for a bad game.
    And good catch about what he said about the bloggers since he’s always been anti-blog.

  2. Bissinger is fluffing up some controversy in an attempt to render himself relevant.
    Friday Night Lights is so last century. Ed Rendell is still a media fixture, so Bissinger at least could get some face time via his relentless Rendell knob polishing.

  3. Excuse me MEN, His daughter had cancer..a malignant tumor on her ovary…they had to remove the ovary…she will have to have her other one removed also at a later date…not only does his child have cancer, but she also is losing the chance to ever have children…The man who leads the team should have made a decision like coaches do and sat Akers…Even if Akers said he was okay to play, Reid should have acted like a man and a coach and made that decision for him..But we all know what kind of family values Reid has…

  4. Way low blow. And what happens if we had sat Akers? Do the Eagles even have a decent backup kicker?

  5. I definitely feel for Akers. On top of that, what a cop out to say that David Akers lost that game. It shouldn’t have come down to those 2 missed field goals. Period.

  6. I wish Bissinger knew how to spell “traumatic” and knew how to use correct grammar when he decides to rip the Eagles’s Pro Bowl kicker when talking about his daughter having cancer…

  7. Buzz Bissinger should know the following:
    1. No one takes anything anyone named “Buzz” says seriously. Ever. Period.
    2. Football is a team sport. Akers missing those kicks contributed to a team loss but in no way was the sole reason for the loss. He is not solely responsible.
    3. Your logic is absolutely absurd. You’re suggesting we should’ve signed some bum off the street to replace the leading scorer in our teams history for one game because his head wasn’t in it? I’m sorry, but if Akers says he can go, then I’ll take my chances with the guy I know can get the job done, rather then go out and try to sign one of the Mike Vanderjact’s (don’t quote me on that spelling) off the street.
    4. Suggesting that David Akers was afraid of being called a “pussy” is just laughable.
    5. The fact that you question whether or not David had the best interest of his child at heart and question him as a father…he should punch you in the mouth. I honestly hope that you come across #2 someday soon, and he beats the everloving shit out of you.

  8. What a tool.
    That goes for anyone who agrees with this idiot named Buzz.
    Why is no one throwing Vick under the bus for throwing for an interception when a caught pass could have won the game? Because it’s not all his fault. Shoddy defense, an offense that got nothing going, and yes, missed field goals.
    Team failure.
    Football is a GAME.
    What the Akers family was going through is REAL LIFE.
    This is why fanatical fans have such a bad rap.

  9. Bissinger you are a f**king a**hole. He is a greater man than you. knowing his daughter had cancer he still went out and played his best. they didnt lose the game because of him. losing is a team effort. I would like to see YOU try to go out there and kick 30, 40, 50, 60, heck even just 20 or 10 yard field goals. I bet you cant even do that. So dont try and bully someone who had the balls to go out there and play under those circumstances. David Akers is the best kicker in the league and the leader in points scored. and your little story has no comparrison to his so shut your damn mouth

  10. He’s just trying to demonstrate how one can be a serious jerk while still outclassing Howard Eskin.

  11. going after someone whos son/daughter is sick is just wrong. football is nothing when you have a child who is sick. fuck off buzz

  12. I dont think we have a back up Kicker, I think our back up is someone on Defense or something like that.

  13. “No one takes anything anyone named ‘Buzz’ says seriously.” Posted by: md10 on February 07, 2011 at 10:17 AM
    Try being taken seriously with a name like “Iron Balls”.

  14. I never really had an issue one way or the other with Bissinger. Then about 3 weeks ago I think he was co-hosting a show on Saturday afternoon on WIP and he pretty much came across as an enormously egotistical asshole the whole time. Basically anybody that called into the show was denigrated if their opinion differed from his, kinda like Eskin does most days. The fact that he said what he said about Akers, who’s never been anything but a class act in this town, just shows you how much of a douche bag he really is.

  15. Can you not sympathize even for a guy like Akers who has played on our team for years and has never let us down, besides that game but even if he made those field goals who knows if we would of won the game.. that would of changed everything. And I doubt the reason he played was because he was afraid of being called a pussy.. I would think it would be because he is part of the team and this was a big deal. He showed up, he did his best at that moment in time and that is the best we can ask of him. Those two field goals were the least of our problems that game.

  16. Doesn’t matter, even if Eagles managed to beat Fudge Packers that year, we would have probably lost to The Bears since we never beat The Bears. Who knows why since Bears have been trash for awhile, but I guess Eagles haven’t really been good either. Here’s to hoping Chip Kelly turns this depressing Eagles Franchise into a Super Bowl Winning team for once.

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