Responding to comments made in this column, The Super Bowl That Never Was, Buzz Bissinger took to Twitter to trash David Akers (yeah, the guy whose daughter had an ovarian cyst) for missing two field goals during the first round of the playoffs. Aggregated for your reading pleasure:

David Akers is a jerk, sorry. He plays at most 20 times a year. He is a profssional. He sucks it up or tells Reid he can't play. Instead he plays, plays lousy and then dimes Reid out for not being sensitive. Gimme a break Akers. Man up. Be a professional. Plus doctors indicated that Akers' daughter's entire ovary should be removed. They said no. Is that in the best interest of the child? I had a child who who weight 1 lb. 11 ounces when born in 1983. In ICU for seven months. Came home on supplemental oxygen. Trumatic yes. So Akers should have said that he simply could not work. But he was afraid of being called Pussy. So he did the worst thing possible. And what do you think he told Reid–My head is in the clouds but I will what I can. I am sure he said he was fine and ready to go.


Sometimes I consider myself the biggest asshole on earth for some of the stuff we write on here, but I'm not sure it comes close to that. 

Bissinger makes a lot of good points, including this one…

I thought i would never say this, but bloggers are right that sportswriters in a locker room makes them part of the team.


… but the Akers comments? Low blow.