Caption This! Mr. Met Helps Pack for Florida

Here's my money to buy the team. Straight up cash, homey.

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  1. I don’t have a caption. But it’s funny that Mr. Met, the one thing that’s sort of cool about the Mets, is totally outclasses by the Phanatic.

  2. you think the pirates stink? oh god, hold your nose…that’s some high quality manure!!! we’re gonna be the worst team in the league this year

  3. The Wilpon’s are so broke, they needed to enforce the other duties as assigned from Mr. Met’s job description.

  4. The team is cutting costs because of the $300 million dollar lawsuit against us. I’m pulling double duty helping pack for Florida…..

  5. “Be sure to put the box labeled ‘crying towels’ near the door – I think we’re going to need them a little early this year.”

  6. While hitching a ride on the freight truck (due to lack of expenses to afford his own ticket to ride with the team) Mr. Met finds a $20 bill on the ground and it’s officially his best day of the off season.

  7. BE CAREFUL with this bag, it has my Ryan Howard Garden Gnome and Phantastic Phour t-shirt that I am going to get signed in Clearwater!

  8. David Wright pulling double duties as Mr. Met because he is quoted as saying, “I have had any proud moments on the field, so i figured i’d try out as the mascot. And i feel a great sense of pride as soon as i put the mask on.”

  9. If we are going to move the team shouldn’t we do it in the dark like Art Modell? Just another thing we messed up.

  10. “A Day in The Life, Citi Field Edition” : Victim to another New York based Ponzi scheme, Mr Met takes one last look back at his beloved 235 square foot basebent studio apartment before handing over his last remaining material possesions to Roscoe the Repo man. Little does Roscoe know that the bag contains nothing more then NY METS ’07 NL EAST CHAMPION shirts.

  11. Due to a cut in his pay, Mr. Met has resorted to selling cigarettes out of the back of a truck. “Two cartons for $20, 5 for $40!” he shouted.

  12. Let me off in Durham, NC. The Durham Bulls mascot is going to ass rape me so the season will seem less painful afterward.

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