Caught Looking: Flyers Ice Girls

Flyers_ice_girls recently did a photo essay on Flyers Ice Girls (journalism!), and they managed to catch more than a few dudes looking, including a kid who hits puberty right before our very eyes. But this guy, who I predict is still sleeping on the couch, takes the cake. Slightly older looking Catherine Keener is not happy.

Meanwhile, the girl on the right is wondering why her boyfriend seems disinterested, and that perhaps her repressed desire to sample both ends of life's spectrum would be better acted out with a more willing partner.

Or she's bored. One or the other.


17 Responses

  1. Is it me or does she look a little bit cross-eyed? Maybe she got Cartered right before she went on the ice?
    And what’s with that kid to her right, with his hand on his chin? What a total nancy-boy! That must be our very own Bobert Smith, no doubt.

  2. As much as I’d love to be sitting down at ice level, there’s no way in hell I’d sit next to that half confused, half retarded looking piece of jailbait that’s next to Chinhand McGee. A for effort, my Iron Balled cohort.

  3. That’s a good one, Smith.
    Speaking of cross-eyed girls, this one must have got Cartered too. Although she’s not his regular blond preference, she might be one of the spiciest ice-girl:
    She does have the best looking skates: (she sure did catch the fancy of the photographer, there must be 5 or six pics of her in the gallery)
    And what’s this kid looking at? He’s a Carter-wannabe:
    Loads of fun with these pictures, especially with all the misfits that get the ice level seats (I prefer to be higher up anyway for a better overall vantage). But it makes me miss the redhead who sat behind Lavs last season ( ). This girl reminds me of her:

  4. Light Skinned Curly Haired Black Women (LSCHBW for short) are used quite often in ads on the internets and commercials on TV. I can only surmise that most people find them pleasing to the eye, and they happen to just be exotic enough to pique interest in a wide variety of men.
    For reals. Watch some commercials sometimes, and count them LSCHBW’s up. You’ll be surprised at how many are peddled for your viewing pleasure.

  5. I guess you’ve never had a bad picture taken of yourself asshole
    -sincerely, that half confused, half retarded looking piece of jailbait

  6. thats me! im chinhand mcgee!!! haha this is too funny to see myself on the internet and so many people talking trash. keep it up, its pretty funny

  7. i think you guys are extremely harsh considering you are clueless. you have no idea what its like to have to do 6 passes on the ice in under 45 seconds. obvi we’re going to make some strange faces, cant smile the whole figging time. and the photographers love to take the candids which are always horrible. so you need to shut it and stop judging us because your probably a 300lb geek who jerks it to their blow up doll. thanks
    — yours truly, wolf pack.

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