CB Exclusive: 10% off New Philly Phaithful Flyers T-Shirts

Flyrish_Women Shorthanded_shirt

They've done it again.

Don't be fooled by cheap, hastily made knockoffs. Our friends at Philly Phaithful have put together two more high-quality t-shirts: Mike Richards Shorthanded Assassin and Kiss Me I'm Flyrish (only $21.99 in mens and womens).

Just look at that intricate detail. Eco-friendly tri-blend, movie poster feel, Carts, Lavs, and Chief references. Check. Check. And check. Fortunately, it doesn't include Richie's Yankees cap. For that, we can all be thankful.




Order between now and end of day Thursday and receive 10% off with code cb10.

That's 10% off two brand new Flyers shirts, just in time for the playoff push. Get them now.

Click to save 10%

Shorthanded Assassin

Kiss Me I'm Flyrish

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  1. I don’t think Beaver stadium will EVER happen. It is a school stadium and there are no alcohol sales permitted there. That’s alot of revenue to be lost. Unless there is some way around this, but I’m thinking school & alchohol…no go!

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