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Adding a little interactivity to this here website. Every morning wake up to a six pack. Six athletes, teams, broads, topics, or whatever the hell else comes to our minds facing off head-to-head. Just click the image, choose the winner, see the results. Simple. Addictive. Brilliant. Well, not brilliant, more like ripped-off from 100 other sites. But still addictive.

My picks:

Better weekend– Brind’Amour had 40 dudes from two different teams wearing his jersey in front of the most coveted prize in sports, despite the fact that he was an All-Star only once. Blake Griffin jumped over a Kia and was home-schooled. Brind’Amour.

Less personality– After watching Michael Barkann’s sit down with All That and a Cup of Joe (from the comments), it’s clear there’s little personalty in this group. Doc actually smiles more, but talks less. Cliff talks a lot, but he generally doesn’t have time for your condescending questions. Push- just how they would answer it.

Who covers– Cuse covers. Nova wins by one.

Better event– Get out of here with that Canadian bullshit. Winter Classic.

Who wins in a fight– Lavs is a crazy son of a bitch, but there’s no denying Leino’s Eastern European, I will not think twice about cutting your finger nails off with a skate blade look. Leino in an upset.

Crossing Broads– If only for the fact that Alyssa Milano has some freakishly weird, mid-90’s style nude scenes (the ones with that dark Exit to Eden feel) in Poison Ivy 2 and Anne Hathaway killed it it in Love and Other Drugs. Anne.

Worse ending– Diana went fairly quickly with only a few hours of speculation. The Spectrum is going on three months and I noticed that there are still seats attached in the little that remains of the upper-level. That’s like leaving an eyeball in to watch Leino cut off your finger nails. Spectrum.

We’re also going to get a little year round fantasy league going here. Each day we’ll pose one question related to that night’s events. Fill out your name and email (that’s how we’ll track you). The winner at the end of each month will get a yet to be determind prize. I’ll try to post the leaderboard weekly. The overall leader at the end of the calendar year gets something really cool- promise.

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