Chad Durbin Close to Signing with Cleveland

Durbin during Game 3 of 2008 World Series (Source: Getty Images)

Chad Durbin is rumored to be close to inking a deal with the Cleveland Indians. The Phillies showed only minimal interest in Durbin earlier this offseason, but they showed renewed interest in him this past week when he was still available. And Durbin had stated in the past that he preferred to remain a Phillie and might take less money to do so.

The Phils already have financial committments to plenty of right-handed relievers. And as consistent as Durbin has been for them, they figure to have much less use for a good middle reliever this season than in past seasons. It would have nice to have him back as insurance though, but you can't keep everyone.  And the Cliff Lee signing and the subsequent move of Kendrick to the bullpen made it less likely they would keep a guy like Durbin.  So…Cliff Lee.



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  1. C’mon Chad, Don’t be a Werthless jerk. Take a little cut like Cliffy did and stay with The Winners.
    It won’t be devastating to see him go but it would be nice if he stayed. he did have some ups and downs in the past, but he’s still a good RH reliever. I can think of worse…

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