Oh good. Looks like the Phillies have had their first Eagles moment.

Remember this raised eyebrow from Wednesday?

Chase will sit out at least the first spring training game, because of body soreness from "intense training." My eybrow, it's raised.

Well, the eyebrow don't lie- Chase does. Ruben Amaro told reporters this morning that an MRI revealed Utley has patellar tendinitis. What is patellar tendinitis? I thought you'd never ask: []

Patellar tendonitis is a condition that is described by an injury affecting the tendons that connects the patella or kneecap to the tibia or shinbone. The patellar tendon functions primarily to assist the lower leg muscles, allowing movement. This tendon is generally in use while a person is jumping, pedaling the bicycle, and when kicking a ball.

This commonly occurs when the patellar tendon is overused during workouts, causing stress on the tendon. The body may attempt to repair the small tears, but if it can't keep up, the inflammation in the tendon may worsen. Soon, the pain will grow until it becomes constant. Patellar tendonitis commonly occurs in athletes who are required to jump frequently in sports like volleyball, soccer, and basketball. Due to the nature of stress involved in this injury, it is often called as the jumper's knee.


Rest is generally the cure for mild tendinitis and Chase says surgery has not been explored as an option.

Utley's knee is fine when hitting, but it becomes inflamed when running and fielding– just two of three movements needed for baseball.

He will be out indefinitely. Happy Sunday!