Eagles Name Juan Castillo New Defensive Coordinator

According to Tim McManus, the Eagles have named offensive line coach Juan Castillo as their new defensive coordinator.

This is, um, surprising. Castillo, who was a linebacker at Texas A & I, hasn't coached on the defensive side of the football since he was a defensive coordinator in 1989 at Kingsville High School.

Howard Mudd will take over as offensive line coach.

I'm not even sure there is enough fodder to lampoon this decision, other than the fact that Reid and the Eagles continue to believe they have all the answers. The fact of the matter is Castillo is a guy who hasn't coached on the defensive side of the football in 22 years! Now he's going to be the top defensive coach for one of the top ten football teams on the planet. That is truth. And that is unbelievable.

This is like casting Zach Galifianakis in Natalie Portman's role as the female protagonist in Black Swan.

What's your best analogy?


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  1. Bad move initially, unless they other plans…but he has no experience, and didnt Reid say he wanted an experienced veteran presence? Im lost with this move

  2. Seriously fuck this team. Arrogant jerkoffs. Guess they are playing checkers again huh?
    It’s baseball season..in a baseball town. Don’t worry Jeffrey and Joe…you’ll get your parade this year…the Phillies will detour across that shitty Linc playing surface again.

  3. I like the move. I would have preferred them just putting Washburn as D.Coordinator., but Castillo should have an advantage. Knowing how offenses work, he;’s a football nut, and studies the game hard.
    You can;’t do much worse than mcdermoitt.

  4. hmm, interesting. I think it was a power move by Reid and upper “management”. This way they don’t have anyone with their own ideas to control what happens on the field. No matter how many points they scored, they should’ve fired Morhningwheg and promoted Castillo to O-coordinator and let him keep the line job too.

  5. Wow. Just wow.
    This team really believes it can throw crap on the wall and this fanbase will lap it up no matter what it is. Absolutely unfreakinbelievable.

  6. Loki…how do you know that we cant do much worse than McDermott…thats like a total BS assessment…their D was not good this year, is that all his fault?
    ..and if he sucks….why was he hired almost within a day by another team?
    This move by Eagles is questionable to say the least….I am not sure why or how this will end up, but time will tell….my initial reaction is not good…but hey Andy “has a plan”

  7. wtf this is a joke we look like clowns juan castillo is a good guy but he is a yes man and that is exactly what andy reid wanted.he did not want an outside voice. He did not want a coach from the Packers, Bears, or Steelers bringing in fresh ideas this team is run by fat hands reid….cant wait for another draft class of 6th round linebackers from cal poly you know small fastballs to throw at the opposing offense this is bs thank god for the flyers, phillies, doug collins, jack daniels, strip clubs, and crossing broad…hollins out

  8. this seems totally reasonable to me. after my dog died I recognized that our kitten had been putting in a lot of hard work, pulling a lot of late nights and really understood, not only how to fill the position of family dog, but how to make it better.
    So my wife and I called our kids together and informed them that chairman meow was the new charles barky.
    I’m not gonna lie, there was some skepticism on the part of friends and family, and the transition wasn’t easy; we had to use much smaller balls to play fetch and the new charles barky never actually learned to bring them back… Also, despite his name, he can’t bark so when we got burglarized last year that felt like a bit of a kick in the tummy, and look, (real rap right now) trying to walk him on a leash is just a giant cluster-fuck. BUT the new Charles Barky is very affectionate and he doesn’t eat his own shit, so I feel like it was a move that improved the family going into the future.

  9. So we go from protege of Jim Johnson to the offensive line coach.
    Oh wait, this is the Andy Reid Show. It doesn’t have to make sense, but somehow it always works out. Example: this year’s QB madness.

  10. So THAT was the Eagles grand master plan? Naming the O-Line coach as the new defensive coordinator? Are you kidding me? That made about as much sense to me as ramming a hot poker up your ass. No, I take that back, the hot poker would’ve been more logical.

  11. This just in phillies have promoted Brad Lidge from closer to hitting instructor! While the Flyers have made Dan Carcillo instructor of passing and shoting drills! What a fucking joke! I really am at the end of my rope with this freaking team! I hate Jeff Lurie, Joe Banner and Howie “I suck Cock” Roseman… and Andy is just a fat shit bag that has no choice but to do what he is told to keep his job! I mean i am drawing a blank on other candidates, but there had to be better personel available then a fucking O line coach! WTF!

  12. picking your o-line coach to coach your defense is so bad, it’s like picking your o-line coach to coach your defense.

  13. @Aaron, well, worst red zone defense AGAIN.
    Not to mention, yea, it comes down to the player, but 90% of the season the defense looked like it was merely getting by on ability rather than being well coached.

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