Flyers Acquire Versteeg

Flyers get Mike Richards’ winger, trade for Maple Leafs’ Kris Versteeg. Stevie Why has the full story at Philly Sports Daily.
We’ll have more on this tomorrow- it’s Valentine’s Day. I’m sure there’s plenty of never-seen-a-woman hockey writers out there to hold you over.


4 Responses

  1. drew you are a moron and if you don’t know anything about hockey you should not be sharing your opinion on this blog. Versteeg is a great player and he will have a big impact with the flyers, especially since he’ll probably be playing on a line with richards and probably van riemsdyk. he had 14 points in 22 playoff games last year which is very good and he has the versatility to play on any line and in any situation. he’s very skilled and will complement a center like richards very well, much more so than nodl or powe ever could. now we have 3 truly solid 1st-line caliber scoring lines. great move picking him up.

  2. With the Flyers on pace to win the President’s trophy (or runner up to Vancouver), that first round pick will be bottom rung. Plus Toronto’s already flipping the third rounder for another trade in the works.
    Good signing by Homer. Should pay off come playoff time.

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