Flyers Fire 40 Shots, Lose 1-0

Bob_splitIn Soviet Russia, ball sack split you!

Jonathan Quick was all over the place, as the Kings, who have given up the least goals in the NHL, beat the Flyers, 1-0.

Not a ton of highlights except for that save from Bob, but you can read Stevie Why's full recap here or watch the highlights after the jump. The choice, it's yours.


2 Responses

  1. Yeah, despite the horrible officiating it was the Flyers game to lose. They dominated in the O-zone in every way except for good shots and goals. But they were also lackadaisical in their own zone and on neutral ice for many times during the game. Pronger was right about being complacent:

    Maybe being #1 in the East, with Tampa and even a shook-up Penguins knocking on their door, they’re feeling a little entitled to slack-off a bit.
    Other than a bad goal which was the result of a total breakdown in defense, S-Bob was no slouch int the net either (so he hasn’t seen Olga since the All-Star break, supposedly).
    What did you think of the Pronger-Stoll tussle? I wonder if it had happened earlier, would it have been a rallying call.

  2. Pronger looked like he was ready to rip Stolls head off and shit down his neck; definitely would have sparked something with the team to get their ass in gear.
    Despite a strong first period, they didn’t sustain the pressure and that concerns me. Too many times the Flyers have played strong hockey in one or two periods, then fell asleep the rest of the game. Heres hoping they come out on Tuesday ready to tear Tampa Bay a new asshole and not make the season series against them 0-4.

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