Flyers Hold off Panthers, Sixers Hold off Rockets, This Sign is Awesome

The Flyers held on to their early 3-0 to win 4-2 in Florida. Stevie Why has the full story. Clearly, they were aided by the kitten mittens.

The Sixers took it to the Rockets in Houston, winning 114-105. Kyle Lowry, who was the most exciting athlete I've ever watched anyhwere when at Villanova, scored a game-high 36 points. He would be beloved in this town if he ever played for the Sixers. 

BTW- James van Riemsdyk is learning what it takes to be loved here:


Hop it for the Flyers highlights- it would be nice if the NHL edited these with Philly announcers, instead for the second night in a row we're stuck with shitty Florida announcers.

H/T to Schatz and about 1,200 people on Twitter for the photo


3 Responses

  1. “Where it was across the goal line, you don’t see the puck”. If you don’t see the puck, then how do you know it’s across the goal line? Wow, I think the Panthers have a bunch of psychics in their broadcast booth. Either that or men with x-ray vision.

  2. They were doing a horrible point, but I understand it. The rules are flawed. It seems reasonable to assume the puck went somewhere in when you can’t see it on or in front of the entire width of the goal line. Unless it went into some puck-sized wormhole for that instant it wasn’t on camera.
    Still, this is showing that the Flyers are their own worst opponents. When they get a lead they tend to slack-off in the D-zone, especially with clearing the puck. But the first goal on the PK, Meszaros and O’Donnell must have forgot Olesz was there. Totally unacceptable. And Booth’s was just because Meszaros took his sweet time trying to get to the puck. Still, S-Bob made some spectacular saves. I wonder if he told Mezaros to slack off a little to allow one in that made the kittens look good doing it, so that he didn’t have to face reporters about a shutout…
    The Flyers better get better tomorrow because the Hurricanes are going to be harder to beat.

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