It really isn't nice to laugh at the misadventures of other NL East teams, but we just can't help ourselves.

Francisco Rodrigouez, who is still attending anger management classes after beating the bejesus out of his pseudo father-in-law last year, is due into Spring Training today. His Lamborghini, however, showed up yesterday.

R.A. Dickey arrived via bicycle. There's nothing to say to this, other than that's exactly how you would expect R.A. Dickey to show up to Spring Training.


Jose Reyes was full of bling… and Gatorade.

This plays out like the below scene from Major League. In order of apperance: Jake Taylor as Jason Bay, Pedro Cerrano as Carlos Beltran, Roger Dorn as David Wright, Willie Mays Hayes as Jose Reyes, and Ricky Vaugn as Francisco Rodriguez.

Hop it for the video- which we could only find in Italian…

Meanwhile, over in Clearwater… Chase.

via Michael Barkann

The Amazin' Mets, folks.