And it could use a little work…

Gov takes us inside a dream of his about a Super Bowl matchup between the Steelers and the… wait for it… Eagles:

And then it starts to rain. But it can't be raining. It's February in Dallas and the Cowboys Stadium roof is surely closed. And yet I can feel my face getting wetter and wetter. Then I wake up! I open my eyes to my beautiful golden retriever, Ginger, licking my face. Oh, no! It's a dream. The Birds aren't in the Super Bowl – we lost to the Packers, 21-16. Goddamnit. No Super Bowl again for the Birds. No Eagles-Steelers game – again.


It's going to be a work in progress. But don't criticize Gov, he's heard it all:

If you are going to suggest where I can stick my head, don't bother. I was in politics for 33 years, and I've received every insult under the sun, and besides – I don't need your vote anymore.


You can read the full article at Philly.com. I'll be honest, I don't mind stuff like this, because every once in a while he'll say something that pisses somebody off. And that will be fun to watch.