Remember this guy who wound up on our site, Hardball Talk, 97.5, and I'm sure a number of another places talking about how Nationals fans need to stand up against a Phillies fan invasion? Here he is talking about his video, which has since been removed from YouTube.

Apparently, this was all spawned by the folks over at Phillies Nation and their planned April 14th bus trip to D.C.  Our buddy, David Huzzard, responded to this Tweet via this Nationals message board. What ensued afterward was six pages of Napoleon complex induced trash-talking from a lackluster fan base. I tried to set up an account so I could follow along with Huzzard's comments, but after filling out my application- which included the answer to the question "What number does Livan Hernandez wear?"- I learned that I am now in an app queue. These Nationals fans take their shit for realsies.

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They also really don't like Phillies fans invading their turf.

I wrote this last year, and I'll repeat it now, nothing is better than a large soda dumped (by accident) over the rail right into the middle of their section.  I saw this done at a United playoff game on the Chicago Fire fans, it was totally awesome.

Probably watching from home after last year. But enjoy, the Phillies fans are a real treat (if you like watching unemployed twenty-somethings taunting old retired locals).

Ok.  I may have to call in sick from work for this one, as I'm scheduled to work til 7.  I hate Phillies fans so much, the thought of them invading my NatsTown this season makes my flesh crawl and my blood boil.  I need a Nats tank top so I can take them to the gun show, anyone know where I can purchase one?

Unfortunately the entire stadium is "their" section.  Hopefully they can refrain from trashing the place after the game (ripping out the cup holders and throwing them on the field for instance).

Last year for their second bus trip, the tours bought ticket in 142, which would be perfect targets for anyone sitting in the front row under the scoreboard.  Of course there are plenty of them scattered around the ballpark, but it won't be hard to target the group sales areas.

Kevrock is right and he is wrong. How many fans can they really bus down for a Thursday night game. Then add that to the legion of bandwagon losers already here and I say we are looking at around 10,000 Phillies fans that night. 10,000 Phillies fans can out cheer the 15,000 Nats fans that might show up, but can they outcheer 30,000 Nats fans? It is our duty as fans to get as many people from the DC area to go to this game. We must show the Phillies fans that we will not roll over and die. That we will not open the doors to Nats Park and let their vile stench foul our arena. We must stand and fight back. We must rally and unite and show them that this fan base can mobilize when called to arms. They must come to understand that this is Natstown, and it is not a friendly house for the unwanted and unwashed.


Oh yeah, there's also a picture of a short bus. Classy people, those D.C. folk.

According to tipster Gray, who knows of Huzzard, our chubby friend is apparently a former wannabe wrestler. Really? We couldn't tell by all the crossing of arms and finger pointing in the video, which was apparently shot by his wife.

What's ironic is that Huzzard's lengthy rant included shots at "fat and sweaty" Phillies fans, yet here's his Twitter stream, which is pretty much nothing but pictures of food. 

He is using the Twitter hashtag #SaveNatsParkApril14. So far, it includes Tweets from him and about seven other people. Look out!

You can find Chubs on Twitter or on MySpace (who the fuck still uses MySpace?) where he talks about baseball as an analogy for dating. Cleary, it was written a few years before this cuckold asked his wife to film him calling out an entire city.

Onward march, Minions!

H/T to Gray