Introducing CB Mailbag

Cb_mailHere's my typical day: Wake up, get coffee, find 12 emails that either call me an asshole, tell me where Jeff Carter was the previous evening, ask me nonsense questions, or have pictures of a dog named Utley wearing a Phillies hat. It's time to start sharing those.

In this calm before the storm, which will start next week when the Phillies head to Clearwater and the Flyers resume a normal, full schedule (they're off until Thursday), we're launching some new features and making some announcements. The first of which will be our new CB Mailbag.

I'm not even going to try to pretend this isn't a blatant rip off of Sport Guy's mailbag, but I really don't care. However, I promise we won't make any Red Auerbach, Big Papi, or Cousin Sal references.

Some of you kill it in the comments (some of you don't) and there needs to be a better forum to get some of that content across. Whatever questions, comments, or thoughts you have, send it along to CrossingBroad [at] Yahoo [Dot] Com, include Mailbag in the subject, and I'll try to answer them, on site, once per week.

I'm also on a quest to find the best micro brews, hot wings, and cheeseburgers in the area for an upcoming post, so feel free to include your suggestions with any and all emails. I won't post blatant spam from bars and restaurants (read: sponsorships are available!).

As always, you can continue to send tips and other nonsense to that address. I'll continue to read it.

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4 Responses

  1. You don’t have to ripoff the sportsguy’s mail bag, just call it the CB Postal Sac…leave the k off for all kinds of reasons.

  2. G. G. Brewers in Glenside has good micro brews…
    Best burger in the area is at (believe it or not) a seafood place next to Union Jacks in Glenside; Lew’s Dockside Pub. Union Jacks next door has best wings and micro brews. Also check out the Drake Tavern in Jenkintown.. Great burgers their as well.

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