Jrue Drops Triple Double Against the Nets

Jrue Holiday dropped a triple-double last night in the Sixers' 106-92 win against the Nets.

Philly Sports Daily has the full story. Highlights after the jump. That is the closest thing you will see to a Sixers game recap from us.



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  1. the sixers dont get enough credit. the defense is great. in a year or 2 this team will be really good. their problem now is they cannot finish and that is fixable. cliff lee

  2. it has nothing to do with being a front runner, the fact of the matter is nobody really wants to read about them and i can’t justify taking up space on the site with useless articles about their improvement when they’re simply just heading towards a first round exit.

  3. who cares if theyre heading for a first round exit? its better for the young guys egos to win some games and get some playoff exp then to lose and get into the lotto. there are no game changers in the draft, let the young guys feel like theyre playing for something.

  4. Oh, sure! Playing for the dubious distinction of getting their tender young asses paddled by either Boston, Miami or Orlando. Can you say “cannon fodder”? That’ll work wonders for their egos.

  5. i cant wait till they’re good again so all the corny bandwagon fans that havent gone to a game since iverson can all swarm the wells fargo center and all act like they know everything just like they did with the phillies.

  6. Bandwagon fans? Seriously? They HAVENT been good since Iverson, so why would anyone want to watch the train wreck?
    Yea it’s a great story that a young team is doing well, but reeally, this team is NOT primed to win.
    Stop speaking out your ass you fucktard.

  7. Playing the Celts, Heat and Magic “hard” during the regular season is one thing, but the playoffs are an entirely different animal, that’s when championship contenders kick it up a few extra notches, and these kids Collins have would be slaughtered in the postseason. For whatever it’s worth, I hope the Sixers do become relevant again, but right now, they’re just not ready for the crucible of the playoffs.

  8. Kyle, I love your site, but as a diehard Sixer fan I will be bitter if the whole city jumps on their bandwagon ever again. It is the elephant in the room when it comes to Philly sports. Your comment kind of reflects that too.
    Keep up the good work though.

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