Kevin Kolb Remains Vocal, Wouldn’t Mind Being A Cardinal


Kevin Kolb keeps talking, but is anything going to change?

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With Michael Vick likely to be franchised by the Eagles sometime this week, Kevin Kolb's situation in Philly continues to look bleak.

He has made it clear that he wants to start in the NFL next season, whether it be with the Eagles or another team. Arizona was on the list of possible destinations long before Kolb's name came out of Larry Fitzgerald's mouth. But the news clearly hit the embattled quarterback's ears and he did not hesitate to respond when talking with Howard Eskin and Ike Reese on WIP yesterday.

Via PFT and Moving the Chains.

“I mean, if he’s not the best, he’s one of the best receivers in the NFL, superstar,” Kolb said on WIP with Howard Eskin this week via Moving the Chains. “For a guy like that to say something about me, it means a lot. And it’s awfully flattering, and I hope that if something happens, their name comes up.”


Kolb's desire to start has been no secret, and his willingness to put that out in the media has been more directed than it ever was when he was watching Donovan McNabb from the bench for three years. You really can't blame a guy who patiently waited for his opportunity, only to have Clay Matthews rock his entire world (literally).

Having said that, there are two things to remember here. One, Kevin Kolb isn't going to start in Philadelphia next year. It's Michael Vick's job in 2011 and it's only a matter of whether the team franchises him (the likely and rumored scenario) or signs him to a long-term deal. Two, Kolb can't be traded without a collective bargaining agreement in place, and depending on when that gets done, he could be sitting on the bench in an Eagles uniform… again.

In his situation, it wasn't out of line to say publicly that he wants to be a starter in this league. It wasn't in bad taste to find solace and hope watching the Aaron Rodgers story unfold. He's not ruffling the feathers like so many other players have in this league (T.O. says what?). But his story may not have the happy ending he is hoping for.

There is no clear sign that the Eagles intend to trade him. Michael Vick, in so many ways, remains a liability and Kolb is one hell of an insurance policy. Additionally, there is still one year remaining on Kolb's contract with the Birds. So, if Joe Banner and Andy Reid (or whoever the hell is making decisions in that front office) want to keep him, regardless of the reason, Kolb's wiggle room lingers somewhere between none and minimal.

So keep talking, Kevin. You are more than welcome to do so, but your words may dictate very little change from your current situation…

…if any at all.

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3 Responses

  1. NO negative KK comments? You should read CBS Sports’ message boards. You’d swear that he slept with all of their sisters the way they talk. KK WILL go somewhere else, and he WILL win games. We’re too enamored with the way Vick made our O-line look better than it is. Let’s not forget he’s a sports hernia away from making Kafka our franchise QB. Of course, so is Kolb, but did anyone watch Vick during the second half of the season other than me?

  2. No love lost for Cob. Even when he was in the game he really wasn’t. Always talking about hunting and fishing. If that’s what’s on his mind then he should give up pro football and become a pro-hunter or pro-fisherman. Let’s see how that works for him. That’s a lesson to be learned from Vick’s playbook. We all saw what happened to Vick when his priorities were elsewhere.
    Not that I’m happy for Vick to become the franchise now, in any case.

  3. I don’t think Kolb has played enough to show if he can take the big hits and keep on playing. ☺ Even though Vick is not my favorite person, he is an amazingly outstanding football player. He proved that to me this past season. There is no way with Vick on the team that Kolb would move up to be the started for the Eagles. Maybe another team that doesn’t have a player like Vick would he get his chance as a starter.

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