Lauren Pronger is Excited

Chris Pronger’s sons, Jack and George, and Ian Laperriere’s sons, Tristan and Zachary, played in the Mites on Ice game after the first period. Luckily for the rest of us, Lauren Pronger was there to watch.

Even better (or not)- Jack Pronger scored: [Philly Sports Daily]

What’s even cooler for the Prongers was that Jack scored in the game, going top shelf. And while his Mite of the Game interview with Shawny Hill wasn’t reminiscent of his father’s legendary banter with reporters – “I think it’s really cool,” Jack Pronger said of scoring – his shot made papa proud.

“I taught him everything I know and then some,” Pronger said with a grin.

For the record, Pronger hasn’t scored a goal since Dec. 9.


Stevie Why with the jab at Pronger. For those of you who don't know Stevie Why- I'd take Pronger in that fight.

In related lady news, Claude Giroux was seen out at the Flyers' favorite haunt, Philadelphia Bar and Restaurant in Olde City (I can never decide whether or not to go with the douchey spelling of "Old"), dining with two ladies. Well played, Claude.

Video of Jack's goal- and Lauren's reaction- after the jump.



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  1. Your lack of class is appalling. Let TMZ do the trashy celeb sightings you should stick to sports. No one cares if you were picked last in everything you did and have an obvious man crush on the boys in Orange & Black. Let Giroux (who is an exceptionally gifted player) eat in peace and the same for everyother sports player. Halfassed reporting can be entertaining and I will definately say that you are that, but you jeoparidize players safety and by digging into their personal lives may make it harder to retain players in the future. Imagine if someone reported they saw Kyle Scott on 12th n Spruce sucking another mans dick? You can try your best to turn this into a sports related, but most of us care about the sports updates not the constant Jeff Carter bashing (who is living up to that contract pretty well). Have some class and act like a professional.

  2. Did Steve Whyno also forget the majority of that time Pronger was out because he was injured?!
    Are you serioulsy making fun of Pronger’s wife for cheering on their son?! If so that’s new low…

  3. its all fun, idk why people are having such a problem with this. Its funny, lighten up people my goodness.

  4. All I gotta say is no one is holding a gun to anyone’s head to read this blog. You don’t like the TMZ-stuff? Don’t read it. Simple as that.

  5. LOL dan how are you not excited that Pronger’s kid is scoring goals man? This video is one of my faves.
    PS this isn’t TMZ stuff, the comcast guys were the ones who brought this to everyone’s attention. If you watched any of the games, you would know that.

  6. gotta love these pc douchewads who think that if they dont like something, then nobody else should have the priviledge to read it
    fuck off, if you dont like it, dont read it or at the very least dont bring whine about it to everyone else.

  7. I’m pretty sure when I just want to know the details of the game, I go to an actual sport website… When I want to read funny shit and a little team gossip, I come here. Try to act like a professional? A professional what? Reporter? Last I checked, this was a fucking blog. I think there’s a difference between reporting on someone being out at a bar and someone sucking dick. Although, if you’re sucking dick on the street corner, anyone is free to report it to anyone they want. As others said, if you don’t like it, don’t fucking read it.

  8. Oh, and by the way, there’s no A in definitely. If you’re going to shit all over people’s posts, at least try to be professional about it. Asshole.

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