Let’s Make Fun of the Mets and Nats

Don't really have enough time to add snark to this, but the fact that R.A. Dickey is writing a memoir is enough to stand on its own. [Hardball Talk]

Dickey told Waldstein that instead of “throwing everyone under the bus” the way Bouton did in sharing what was back then the unheard of inside details of ballplayers’ lives he’ll be “throwing myself under the bus” with stories “dating way back to childhood and leading all the way up to this year.”


That should be a riveting read from the English literature major at the University of Tennessee.

Speaking of overstepping bounds, here are two videos from a chunky Nationals fan and a nodding guy, who don't like Phillies fans.

I have been to Philadelphia and I seen the fat, disgusting, sweaty mass of humanity that exists there.


Oh really, were you looking in a mirror, Chubs? Go screw.

Anyway, these guys really don't want Phillies fans to invade D.C. again this year. Chubs must have gotten warm from all that talking, because he took his leather jacket off in the second video. Fat. Disgusting. Sweaty. Eh?

Videos after the jump.

Both stories via Hardball Talk

H/T to Kurt of Big Red's Steaks

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29 Responses

  1. he needs to use the chin up bar in the doorway–just an observation! They can’t sell out a game, that is until the Phillies and their fans fill their stadium.

  2. HAHAHAHA…. this shit can be real? Is this the WWE? Oh dear Lawd! I love his line about “his home town standing for freedom and equality” or some shit… Hey fatty, our country was founded in our city!

  3. If the Nats fans can keep us out of there, more power to them. We just know they won’t do it.
    I guess they call Philadelphia “The Cradle of Liberty” for craps and giggles…

  4. These videos remind me of the little kid with the glasses in The Benchwarmer’s. Someone forgot to tell this the guy and his “friend” (just an assumption) that he is talking about the Nationals, they don’t have fans, at least real ones.

  5. yes…washington stands for freedom and equality for all men…buttt wasn’t Philadelphia the birthplace of freedom…and America for that matter?? Good try bucco, and thanks for motivating Phils fans to be even more ass-holeish than normal at our home away from home. Yes, thank you for a brand new park we get to spank you in multiple times a year
    a fan from the sess-pool…back-to-back-to-back-to-back nl east champion sess-pool =]

  6. awww how cute the nats fan is trying to start a rivarly, our sloppy seconds donovan worked out real good for you im sure werthless will have the same impact

  7. a strong message from the washington nationals fan base…all two of them.
    they’ll never put a legit team around strasburg and harper if they continue to spend 127 million dollars on the likes of overacheiving jason werth, lol.

  8. That Guy: We as a fan base must show them that we are better than them, and they are better than they think we are.
    That Other Guy: -nod.-
    Their 15 Subscribers: Yeah!
    Subscriber 2: Who’s pitching on the 14th!?
    Subscriber 8: An ace!
    Subscriber 1: What about for us?!
    Subscriber 5: I-‘unno. That’s like askin’ who’ll die first, Larry King or Lindsay Lohan.
    Subscriber 8: It’s not gonna be Strasburg . . .
    Subscriber 2: Forget that, then — we’ll show up when he shows up. I think I have plans for the 14th, anyway.

  9. ahahaha that dudes the biggest joke i think ive ever seen in my entire life haha i think hes just mad on the sucess the phils have had n how terrible the nats have been for so long

  10. they have 15 subscribers … them two … four of their parents, and 7 players in the nats farm system hoping to make it to the pros on the second worst team in baseball (mets) … Just for clarification the second guy is a bodyguard, he is gonna need one cause he will be drunk talking smack at our second home park he might be in trouble ,,,

  11. Is the bodyguard constipated? He looks like it throughout the video. Guess he needs some more colon blow with his steroid regiment. The short guy reminds me of that stereotypical fat trainer trying to relive his glory days through his athletic, dipstick of a friend.

  12. Ahhh! Nothing like some comic relief with my lunch, and that bit of nonsense certainly hit the spot. I’m surprised that slob and his homeboy managed to stay ahead of the guys in the white coats long enough to make that video. To quote the esteemed Bugs Bunny, wotta a maroon!

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