Mark Buehrle Wanted to See Michael Vick Get Hurt



Mark Buehrle- you know, the guy who had to have his perfect game saved by a nearly impossible catch- he really likes dogs. So much so, in fact, that he was wishing for Michael Vick to get injured this season. [Big League Stew]

"Even if you are not a dog lover, how can you sit there and make two dogs fight and one is going to die?" said (Buehrle). "How could you do that if you are somewhat sane?

"(Vick) had a great year and a great comeback, but there were times where we watched the game and I know it's bad to say, but there were times where we hope he gets hurt. Everything you've done to these dogs, something bad needs to happen to these guys."


That's rare, folks. That's rare that you will see an athlete wish injury upon another athlete. It just doesn't happen.

Those quotes were from this story. They have since been removed.

The dislike for Vick and his actions is certainly understandable, but publicly wishing harm to another athlete generally falls under the category of "Crossing the Line."

Before stepping off this high horse right here, I'll kindly remind you that our Sidney Crosby t-shirt sale was in no way wishing harm to poor Sidney. Rather, simply shameless profiteering off another's misfortune. That might not be any better, but we certainly would have preferred to have seen The Kid embarrassed by a Claude Giroux Dipsy Doo. 

But hey, not all wishes can come true. Right, Mark?


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  1. Yeah 2 years in prison…millions in debt, lost your life and reputation but yet something “bad$ needs to happen. I hope his ERA this year is +7.00 at least. Tool.

  2. Funny how I need an athlete in another sport, in another town, to express my feelings towards the guy that’s now under center for the team that I used to go to games to watch when Ty Detmer was taking a sack with 3 seconds left in the game and a chance to win a game-probably only one of three that year.

  3. Perfect games aside, Mark Buehrle is an asshole and that comment takes away all of his class and maturity.
    Honestly, HE DID PAY…prison for a few years, lost all of his money and now OWES millions, his reputation will forever be with a * next to it. COME ON.
    Second chances are a part of this world, Mark Buehrle is a nutjob if he thinks otherwise.
    I now hate him….ha!

  4. Hey you know what I wanted to see Vick get a career ending injury. Him like many others should’ve never been allowed to play again…criminals

  5. Damn, this is disappointing to read. I was a huge fan of Buehrle before this statement. I sure hope he retracts it soon.

  6. and he wanted exactly what to happen to Roethlisraper? People need to move on. Vick has probably not only lost more than Stallworth, Little and Ray Lewis combined, he’s probably already done more in preventing dog abuse since he was released than all the a-holes like Buehrle has by the incredibly high level of cred he has in the communities where it happens. Dat’s da fact Jack!

  7. Did I miss something? We lost in the playoffs, on a Vick-thrown interception, isn’t he back to being a dog-torturing jerkoff? Wait, not yet?
    Don’t get me wrong, I definitely enjoyed watching Vick tear it up this year, but if this blog was based on any other town aside from Philly, he’d be a “puppy-mutilating delinquent”, so let’s not forget where other people are coming from.
    Had Vick signed with let’s say the Giants, I’d be sitting on the edge of my seat, just waiting for him to get carted off, I don’t buy this whole “redemption thing”. The guy can throw laser passes and can find the end zone, that’s the only reason he’s excused from our abuse.

  8. Like I said, the opinions are understandable and I don’t exactly love Vick, but athletes should never wish harm on another

  9. I like how everyone is commenting on the “wish he gets hurt” comment, but not the “…if you’re somewhat sane” comment. And I think the reason is because everyone knows that Vick is clearly an unstable, insane human being. He’s just a step away from serial killer…which begs the question – Who’s worse, Vick or Banner & Reid for hiring him. 🙂

  10. You are truly a racist bastard… I hope (and know) you have closet shit that you have done that only a few people like you and your unforgiving ass -hole friends know about.You make me sick plus your wife is one ugly bitch. Keep your small-minded comments to yourself and your privledge circle. Oh.. and I know that you’ll be going to church this Sunday to let everyone see what a caring person you are. Break a leg.asshole literally.

  11. Burhle is saying how awful, violent, and insane Mike Vick is, while simultaneously wishing for him to get hurt? Sounds like a fucking hypocrite to me–Oh wait, Mike Vick isn’t a dog, hes a human and its ok if guys like Ray Lewis, Rothlesburger, and Dante Stallworth kill and rape people and play in the league. Gimmie a break…Mark sounds like those band of goons that stand outside the Linc before every Eagles game and protest by holding up signs with photos of mutilated dogs on them. Good job guys, you’re really doing a noble deed by letting fans and families with kids see that shit; fans who just want to watch football and have nothing to do with the decision to sign Vick.

  12. Eagle fans would never wish injury on another athlete right? Fact is that if he played for the cowboys or giants you would all be saying the same and Mark would be praised on here.
    I am not an eagle hater and I don’t think Vick should be baned from playing. This is America and if someone wants to give you a job then who am I to say that is wrong? That doesn’t mean I have to like the guy or pretend he is now a good person just because he plays well for my team. Guy is am absolute creep and I have no interest in supporting this scumbag.

  13. Huge White Sox/Eagles fan here. I couldn’t agree more. Anyone who didn’t wait for a QB sack to end his career on every play is a douche and needs to be set on fire themselves.

  14. So, he expressed his honest opinion re: a murdering sociopath who just happens to play for OUR team. If he were under center for Dallas, New York, etc. we ALL would share his desire for harm to come Vick’s way – admit it.

  15. You’re right about high horses, Kyle. We’ve all had bad gut reaction thoughts that we internally take back upon some reflection and introspection. If we all acted upon those thoughts, such a sorrier state this world would be. (Then there are the deniers out there. Like NASCAR fans who say they aren’t into it for the crashes. But that’s a whole other can of beans.)
    I’m tending to think Buehrle’s thoughts about hurt upon Vick were gut reactions and not sincere. But it was really stupid of him to say that out load to a reporter. But it’s understandable. After all, he is just a baseball player (with half the talent of the Phillies starters, BTW), so he’s probably not eloquent enough of a speaker to expand upon his words (Vick is no great orator either). It certainly doesn’t help his cause any (nor Vick’s road to redemption for that matter, in case you have any doubts about that).
    So is Buehrle a dooosh or an arseh*le? Maybe both. But he’s definitely no “Roads Scholar”.
    So much for the rant. In the end, none of this makes me like Vick, Buehrle–or even James Niggly–any better. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  16. Mike Vick did time in Leavenworth for killing dogs. Ben Roethlisberger raped a PERSON and served a 4 game suspension because 6 games was too much.
    Harming another living thing is wrong no matter how you do it, but where are the people calling for Roethlisberger’s head the way they call for Vick’s?
    Everyone needs to just shut up and stop talking about football because baseball starts sunday and football shouldnt be mentioned until August.

  17. I’m no Vick supporter even though he plays for my team, but that was a damned classless and flat out stupid thing for Buehrle to have said. Did he wish for Ben Roethlisberger to have been hurt during the Super Bowl since he had raped a woman? Or Dante Stallworth who killed a man while driving drunk? All these crazed animal lovers need to grow up, get a clue and put their priorities in order.

  18. I think the real question is how an insufferable douchecanoe like Mark Buehrle scored a little hottie like that.

  19. Vick did a bad thing and people are angry at him for it. What’s the big deal? To some people no matter how much he repents it is not enough because he abused those dogs with a clear mind and intended to do it. As long as he wants to be a public figure, he’ll have to deal with it. Is Buehrle proud about his resentment of Vick? I don’t think so. He’s entitled to his feelings about it.

  20. I dont know. Not just killing but torturing another living creature is psychopathic. I don’t care if I sound like an idiot, but I still struggle with Michael Vick being the QB of team I bleed green for. When you read more into the dog fighting ring, the more and more heartless it gets. This wasnt just guys getting together and fighting dogs for betting. This was a whole operation of systematic torture and murdering of dogs. It makes me sick a little that this guy is now idolized again. To do these kind of things I personally believe your just wired wrong and can’t be fixed.

  21. “…something bad needs to happen to these guys.”
    Losing over 100 million dollars and 2 years of your life isn’t “bad”?
    As a professional athlete Buehrle just fucked up. You can politely say you don’t like a person or you don’t condone what they did, but to wish an injury on another pro athlete is just bad karma. I bet he doesn’t make it through the season.

  22. @ Bobart- I lol’d at “douchecanoe”…I’ve been using douchenozzel a lot lately, but I’m a big fan of the canoe, well played haha.

  23. actually it’s not understandable he can’t go back into the past and unkill the dogs so what he did was bad but I think his play on the field is representative of his growth as a person. It’s not always the case, but I think in his it’s shown his maturation as a person and a football player. Anyway it’s obvious people are friggin ignorant because there are players on the white sox who have done worse things than torturing animals. Also, it’s certainly possible Mike Vick has changed which is why felons stay felons because no one gives them a chance after they do something wrong. America is still a racist prejudicial country that’s all it proves to me.

  24. Mark Buehrle just says what I said all season. The NFL should ban all convicted fellons. Let them get a second chance just not making millions in the limelight.

  25. How exactly is it racist and prejudicial to judge someone on his actions? He drowned dogs. He hung dogs. He slammed animals into walls to kill them. Over and over.

  26. The fact that so many people have such strong feelings against Michael Vick (personally, I don’t like him, but he did his time and he’s entitled to his second chance – the NFL has already set the precedent that it’s no moral authority, so they can’t very well start with Vick when they’ve welcomed back murderers, rapists, and abusers with open arms) but very few of those same people seem to have an issue with Ray Lewis being the face of the Ravens franchise (and the league in general), or appearing in Old Spice commercials is baffling.
    We’ll never know exactly what happened, but the man was somehow involved in the brutal stabbing death of two human beings. Two human beings whose killers will never be brought to justice, and whose families will likely never have full closure. Maybe the Vick protestors should head down 95 and tote signs with photos of Lewis’ victims.

  27. 4 million dogs and cats are killed a year by the spca cause their aren’t enough people in this country to take care of them. I am not condoning what mike vick did. But the reality is he went to prison for killing animals. Most of you eat animals everyday. (shelly, unless your a vegetarian, your pork roast wasnt given a lethal injection.)
    Is what he did disgusting, illegal, and culturally unacceptable, yes. Did he go to jail for two years, yes. He did no harm to anyone, and he has paid a steep price for actions that in other countries would go unpunished. Bottom line is the people with the power to give second chances in this country have granted him one, and so far he has been more a model citizen then half loudmouth no action people that comment on forums like this. Go adopt one of the 4 million animals that will die this year instead of commenting on a sports blog. hacks.

  28. There’s disgusting irony in people wishing humans to be in pain in place of animals being in pain.
    Humans are humans.

  29. If so many people feel like this azzclown Buerhle then why does Vick keep getting these fan-based accolades? Who voted for him more than any other NFC player for the Pro Bowl? Who voted for him to receive the Pulse Award’s Comeback Player of the Year? Who were those people going nuts at that 76ers-Lakers game when he walked in? Who bought his jersey so much that in December 3 different versions were in the top ten? Who were those people in Aloha Stadium that according to the ProBowl blog on, gave Vick the longest and loudest ovation of any other player introduced? All of these “i hate Vick” people seem to be confined to cyberspace unless all the aforementioned is part of some matrix conspiracy and doesn’t really exist.

  30. Vick paid his dues, in dog language Karma’s a bitch. He might lose a lot of games or get hurt himself

  31. I hope Buehrle rips something up in his elbow or something. What a flaming piece of shit he is.

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