Mets For Sale on Craigslist

We didn't do it, we swear, but the Mets are for sale on Craigslist. [via Ted Williams' Head]

Of course, they probably want to correct that by saying 25% ownership is now worth only around $40 million


Partial Ownership Of The New York Mets

Date: 2011-02-01, 8:20AM EST
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]


Due to some financial mishaps, a once in a lifetime opportunity has arisen. For a mere $200 million you can now own 25% of the New York Mets. As a part owner of the Mets, you'll be afforded the following perks: 

* Mr. Met will entertain guests at your child's birthday party, bat/bar mitzvah, or any other family event 
* A private autograph session with stars such as; Luis Castillo, Pat Misch, and Mets' ace, R.A. Dickey. 
* Guaranteed September collapse 
* You can be the starting second baseman 
* A meet and greet with Mets announcer, Keith Hernandez, where you can ask him questions or run your fingers through his mustache 
* A jar of Carlos Beltran's desire to play baseball as well as some cartilage from his knee 
* Family counseling sessions with Francisco Rodriguez 
* Join us for the Mets Christmas karaoke. Sing songs with Jason Bay from his favorite album, "The Wall," by Pink Floyd. 
* An Eddie Kunz bobblehead doll 

What's Not Included: 

* October Baseball 
* Any say in the baseball operations 
* Defeating the Phillies for the NL East division in the next decade 

Act now, operators are standing by… 

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11 Responses

  1. But wait theres more! also included are 3 “star players” who pussy out on visits to Veterans Hospitals and THE moist towelette used to clean Johan Santana’s dick snot off of female thighes! What a bunch of douchebags! i HATE new york and fucking hate the mets!

  2. You have to be in contention in order to collapse. They will be a non-factor this year, so that perk will not be honored this year.

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