Mezzy Wins it in Overtime, Pronger OK

Everybody with me- deep breath. Prongs is OK. X-rays show that there is no damage to his right hand or wrist (of course, if he played for Holy Family, he'd probably be suing somebody today).

[Philly Sports Daily]

“I had my gear back on but chose the better part of valor and decided not to,” Pronger said. “I couldn’t really grip my stick very well.”

Asked if the puck hit his hand or wrist, Pronger had a little bit of fun.

“Well I think you’re just gonna have to deal with no answer on that one,” he said.

So, upper-body injury?

“It’s an upper-body contusion, yes,” he responded.


Ahh, hockey speak. He's OK folks and should play Saturday.

Read Stevie Why's recap or watch the full highlights after the jump. The choice, it is yours.


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  1. Seems like most of the night was spent in the Flyers’ zone, but two things stood out: the lack of tenacity on the first Islanders’ goal (how do we let that guy skate end to end and score?!) and that ridiculously-sweet goal by JVR… damn.

  2. @K: +2 for #41 (same for Giroux too; O’Donnell got the most with +3)
    @Matt: He beat Carle and Pronger! And Carle had the turnover that allowed the tying goal that forced the game into OT. The Flyers are getting stupid/lazy when their opponents are hard on the forecheck. They need to work on that and settling down their scoring chances (what K alluded to).
    @All: Notice Pronger wasn’t hurt enough to give a little 2-hand slash when heading to the bench after getting hurt? I guess the ref looked the other way or thought that an injured Pronger had no control…
    @Mark: I think the NHL doesn’t have the rebroadcast rights for CSN Philly coverage. For those with GameCenter Live, their broadcasts are always blacked-out, even on the road. It sucks, especially in doooshy homer markets like Shittsburgh. The MSG guys were pretty decent as far as “foreign” markets go, and they even complimented Flyers on good plays, like Giroux’s classic hip check:,2,909&event=PHI30

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