According to the Dallas Morning News, Michael Vick was presented the keys to the city of Dallas by Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway.

Caraway said he believes "a great majority" of the people of Dallas would have supported his decision, despite Vick's conviction for running a vicious dog fighting ring.

"I gave it to him, sure I did. The wayward children that were there needed to have hope," he said.

Caraway did not say exactly where he was ("somewhere downtown" and "one of the clubs") or exactly who was sponsoring the event where he handed Vick a key to the city. He said the event occurred around 5 p.m. with children in attendance.


OK, Mike, one thing you can't do:  Receive keys to the city of our most hated rival. Although, it appears as if this move came as a surprise to Vick, who was speaking to a group of teens in Dallas.

What the hell were they thinking? Forget about the dog fighting thing for a second, could you imagine if Mayor Nutter gave Troy Aikmen or CC Sabathia or Patrick Kane a key to Philadelphia?

Video of the event, including some asshole, who adopted one of Vick's dogs, tailing Vick and showing him pictures in an attempt to make him look bad… after the jump.

UPDATE: The actual Mayor quickly backtracked and said it was done without his consent. Sure it was.

H/T to Kyle and Evan