Michael Vick Received Key to City of Dallas


According to the Dallas Morning News, Michael Vick was presented the keys to the city of Dallas by Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway.

Caraway said he believes "a great majority" of the people of Dallas would have supported his decision, despite Vick's conviction for running a vicious dog fighting ring.

"I gave it to him, sure I did. The wayward children that were there needed to have hope," he said.

Caraway did not say exactly where he was ("somewhere downtown" and "one of the clubs") or exactly who was sponsoring the event where he handed Vick a key to the city. He said the event occurred around 5 p.m. with children in attendance.


OK, Mike, one thing you can't do:  Receive keys to the city of our most hated rival. Although, it appears as if this move came as a surprise to Vick, who was speaking to a group of teens in Dallas.

What the hell were they thinking? Forget about the dog fighting thing for a second, could you imagine if Mayor Nutter gave Troy Aikmen or CC Sabathia or Patrick Kane a key to Philadelphia?

Video of the event, including some asshole, who adopted one of Vick's dogs, tailing Vick and showing him pictures in an attempt to make him look bad… after the jump.

UPDATE: The actual Mayor quickly backtracked and said it was done without his consent. Sure it was.

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  1. Kyle, I really do love your site. I visit it everyday and it makes me laugh. However, the fact that you called this man, who was trying to confront a dog killer about his past, an asshole, well, I don’t know what to say. I lost a good amount of respect for you.

  2. That’s a real man. Fuck Mike Vick, the man is trash. He can throw a football, OK, but he’s still a shit human being.
    All of you people would say the same shit if he played for the Redskins

  3. Kyle, you were right, this guy is an asshole. Talk about torturing dogs, what is that stupid outfit its wearing.

  4. Matt, I wasn’t calling him an asshole because he adopted the dog, attempted to confront Vick, or was wanting answers, but because he went to what was clearly a positive event to confront Vick for a crime he spent two years in jail for, then, when he was clearly “deranged guy with a camera” and security pushed him away, he tried to make the video seem like Vick was downplaying dogfighting. He highlighted the clip where some bouncer said “we don’t care about the dog.” That wasn’t Vick talking or anything, did he expect Vick to stop and do a press conference with him? He was chasing him and three security guards out to a car. What reaction did he expect? If he was asking him for an autograph he would have been treated the same way. That’s my problem with him. He’s trying to make Vick look like an asshole because he was escorted by security into a car.
    He clearly tried to make something out of nothing with the comments in that video.

  5. It’s a shame that people who choose to still despise Vick the human being (can’t bring myself to call him a man) are still dismissed and called childish names by some people. The people who need to move on are the ones with the thug mentality and the “win a Super Bowl” at any cost mentality, even using a talented psychpath as a quarterback. YOU people are the losers. If you don’t like people standing up for living creatures who can’t defend themselves, I feel sorry for you and whoever looks up to you. Oh, and how ironic that Vick has such a classless entourage as bodyguards. Is he afraid of someone hurting him? He is scum.

  6. KS, that’s still a strong epithet to call someone, given it’s coming from you. What he did wasn’t low enough that it might not be beyond you doing something similar under certain circumstances.
    You’re batting 0-3 in your last 3 posts:
    2. https://www.crossingbroad.com/2011/02/ryan-howard-attends-bud-light-super-bowl-party.html
    3. https://www.crossingbroad.com/2011/02/this-video-will-make-you-all-warm.html
    Maybe you should just take the post-SB Day off (like it was a Federal Holiday), especially if you’re hung-over. Either that, or learn to hold your liquor better, laddie.
    On the other hand, what I thought about the guy who made the video? People with nerve disorders shouldn’t be allowed to post hand-held vids on the youtubes. I’m still dizzy after watching it, and that was over 10 minutes ago!

  7. We need to end this manufactured rivalry with Dallas. The Cowboys have been irrelevant for the better part of 15 years. They’d be completely dead if people would stop talking about them. It’s Eagles-Giants in this day and age.

  8. Let me clarify my first comment:
    Sure the videographer clearly had an agenda and could have handled his confrontation with Vick more tactfully to get better results. But he had some good points. I’m still not sure about who the real Vick is. Calling him what you called him is a little strong. He may be just a dooosh, but probably not an assh*le.
    And I disagree with you that this stuff shouldn’t go on at “positive events”. When you put yourself into limelight like Vick continues to do, you deserve a good amount of scrutiny, no matter the setting. Besides, what non-positive event will Vick be at? My guess is that Vick’s posse wouldn’t let the guy out alive if he tried to confront him in any other setting.

  9. Alright, I do not condone and will never defend any of the actions Mike Vick was involved with, but this video was a clear attempt to make him look like an insensitive jerk.
    To the comment above, how is speaking in front of a bunch of kids about making right decisions putting himself in the limelight? Would you even know about it if this jerk didn’t create this embarassing attempt to turn a good thing into a negative.

  10. Man, if only Roethlisberger would receive this kind of torture from society. Oh wait, he only raped someone. That’s okay.

  11. shut up you shitty cowboys fan. whichever cowboys fan that made this video obviously didn’t consider that most likely, mike vick gets this kind of harassment every goddamn day and is most likely sick of it. and it wasn’t mike that said that he doesn’t care about your dog, it was one of the guys mike hired to keep people from harassing him. whoever you are, the only reason you posted this failed attempt at a big story is because you have been pissing your pants since the cowgirls have been eliminated from the playoffs and you just recently shit yourself because you got to watch a superbowl in your very own overpriced, piece of shit stadium and your team wasn’t in the game.
    oh. and yes.
    i’m an eagles fan, and not afraid of bringing on the argument that this might sound biased because i’m a true fan and my sack isn’t empty and would love to kill your argument in about .3 seconds.
    bring it.

  12. Todd and Shawn hit it on the head….A bunch of celebrities do bad things but never get jail time and Vick served his time and is helping the community and anti dog fighting efforts…..he has done everything someone could do to redeem himself….so get off vices and Kyle Scotts Ass and get on with your life.

  13. But in all of this, the most important part is being overlooked. The mayor of Dallas gave a key to his city to our quarterback. You said that he shouldn’t have accepted it, but I’m not so sure. What’s more insulting to the city? The quarterback of their rival having the key to the city or having him turn down said key? I’m honestly not sure, but either way, I got a laugh out of it.

  14. OK, now that I actually watched the video, I must say that was a sensationalistic attention-grab that was obvious to everyone that doesn’t already have an ax to grind with Michael Vick (although the getting the locks changed line was funny – I’ll admit that). There’s one other thing he hasn’t stopped to consider. If we’re going to take Vick at his word and assume that he really is a changed man, do you think he really wants to be reminded of his past? I know I did things in my past I’m not proud of (nothing on that level of course, but they’re major in my life) and I wouldn’t take too kindly to someone shoving reminders of those mistakes in my face for no reason other than an attention-grab.

  15. “How is speaking in front of a bunch of kids about making right decisions putting himself in the limelight?”
    Anytime the press gets invited it is.
    The fact of the matter is that no one (but Vick) knows right now if all of this is a genuine effort by Vick to really make a difference in the world or if to just make a difference in his public image. Hopefully time will tell one way or the other.
    As far as other players who behaved poorly getting a pass: I only wish that someone like a Rootlessburger would get the same scrutiny for the shyte that he’s done. (And if one were to argue that it’s racially motivated, look at Brett Lorenzo Fava-bean’s latest scandals.) But good luck getting Bendolay out of a hole now that he lost the game for the Stealers.
    By the way. While I’ll still disagree with KS and assert that while video’s author is more of a dooosh than an assh*le (and I’m personally familiar with assh*les, believe you me), he still makes a valid point about Vick’s genuineness.
    Although in taking another look at the video, the creator of the video has less credibility in my opinion now. In the last part he talks about showing Vick a picture of his dog and that Vick walked away without saying a word. How odd that this particular exchange is the only part that isn’t backed-up by video. Maybe he is more of an assh*le as much as he’s a dooosh…

  16. I don’t think you can really make an accurate judge on Vick’s ‘genuineness’ by a short video clip that’s main purpose was to make him look bad. Every “point” the creator made can be turned around on him and given a reasonable explanation why Mike doesn’t just turn around and talk to an apparent goon.
    It’s embarassing when you see an allegged rapist getting praised for how quickly he’s changed, when there has been no real evidence nor any steps taken to show it. Then on the other hand, you have Vick who has been determined to prove he has learned from his mistakes and show he’s a better man, but is not getting that fair oppurtunity…

  17. Shawn made my point. The way the guy handled this for a supposed “professional journalist” was lame. You can’t chase a guy and his security team through a back hallway with a handheld and expect to be taken seriously. Then he turns around and makes a video that makes it seem like Vick is an asshole. Try doing that to any athlete at any event and see if the treatment is any different.

  18. Yo, Kyle, I agree wholeheartedly with you on this issue, but in the eyes of too many people, Vick is more evil than Satan for what he had done, and NOTHING will ever change their narrow little minds about that. In their opinion, any nasty or unfair treatment he gets is not only justified, but deserved, hell, if Vick had raped some poor girl, the hue and cry wouldn’t be as loud. As for complaints about Vick getting the key to the city in Dallas, big, fat, hairy deal. That and a dollar will buy him a Daily News. Grow up, people.

  19. Sorry..must disagree re: the asshole comment. You torture dogs to death, Vick, you’re the asshole. Please find somewhere else to play; I want to root for my football team again. I don’t have the stomach for it while you’re wearing our colors.

  20. let me start off by saying I am an avid animal lover. I’m in school to become a vet. With that being said, Michael Vick is a great quarterback, which is exactly what we need him to be, we do not need a boy scout. How is he supposed to stay out of the limelight? That isn’t him it’s the media and the NFL trying to play up they’re decision on letting him still play. What’s he supposed to do? Play badly? And talking to kids about his mistake is something to be admired, to own what you’ve done everyday.

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