Mike Schmidt Says Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino are Underachieving

Mike Schmidt held his annual State of the Phillies address today. Michael Jack is bascially Tom Hanks in A League of Their Own in his role with the Phillies- minus the women and all the drinking. A couple of times a year, he comes out, waves his cap around, gives the people a thrill. If there's ever an organ grinder, he'll do a little dance if his knees are feeling up to it. You usually get the sense that he'd rather be golfing, but deep down inside, he cares about the team.

Oh yeah, and he takes jabs at Jimmy Rollins and the rest of the lineup: [Delco Times]

They all know how the game should be played. But Polanco is the one guy who is willing to play it all the time. He's geared in to that being sort of his game. His game is playing it right. He can play on any team anywhere at any time…

…I look for a Rollins to push a 200-hit year. I look for Victorino to have a 200-hit year and we're talking in those terms: 100 walks, 200 hits. They're sort of out there for goals with those guys that you haven't seen in the last few years. They are part of a winning team, don't get me wrong, but I still think they are underachieving as players.

Jimmy Rollins can't do what Pete Rose did, just take a year. I mean Pete Rose got 200 hits 10 straight years and Jimmy is faster. I just think Pete understood more what his role was. Jimmy needs to be more Pete Rose-like in his approach to the game and more accountable for getting on base. Offensively, he's about running and getting on base and getting hits and leading the league in hitting. He wants to look at the USA Today every day or the Inquirer and see his name right up there in the top three of hitting. It should be, right? Same with Victorino and I know they feel that way.


Well, we know how you feel, Mike.

He's actually 100% right on Rollins. No one is going to pretend that Rollins doesn't care about winning, but what's the phrase Larry Bowa used, "red light is on?" Rollins seems to save his best for the big moments. That's fine and all, but, especially in this contract year, he needs to do that everyday. Showing up early to spring training was just a small step in that process.

As for the playing the game the right way comment, I'm fairly certain Chase Utley is sharpening his shiv as we speak. 

And that Pete Rose character would look great on a t-shirt…oh, tease!

Much more from Schmidt at DelcoTimes.com.


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  1. “sharpening his shiv”. Haha… I was thinking the same thing when he said that. Chuck Norris wears Chase Utley T-Shirts when he works out

  2. Schmidt obviously was the best Phillie third baseman of all time, but how could he overlook Chase when talking about guys who play the game the right way?

  3. Schmidt is one of those personalities that works best in very small doses. He could never be a real coach or manager, at least not for the Phillies, if he was around the players for much more than a week I think it would end very very badly. I’m just glad that he’s on good terms with the organization now and we get to see him during spring training and the ceremonial days throughout the season.

  4. I know I may be cast into Phillies pergatory for saying this, but I’m just not a big Schmidt fan (professional career excluded, of course). He reminds me of Michael Jordan – for all of the wrong reasons. I’ve never read nor heard a Mike Schmidt interview that didn’t rub me the wrong way.
    I sure do enjoy his sammich, though. Half of the reason I go in for season tix is because of the Schmitter…

  5. I don’t find anything wrong with what he said. He is spot-on about Polly. The omission of Utley is curious but maybe it could be a motivational tactic? Utley really has a lot to prove this year. I don’t want people saying “Oh he’s hurt, he’s hurt.” whenever he struggles for a month at a time.

  6. Well Gabrielle you just have poor taste I guess. I don’t see what Schmidt says that could rub you the wrong way. And the Schmitter has sucked since the first season of CBP. It was good for just that first year. Now you are better off gnawing on someone’s tire in the parking lot because it’s the same consistency as the sandwich. They are premade garbage now. Bull’s is the way to go. Everything is fresh, hot and prompt.

  7. If you guys want to read a hilarious book, about a young Philadelphia kid who hates Mike Schmidt, read “Green Grass Grace.”

  8. I love Schmidtie, but he’s got to cut them some slack. They were bugged by injuries last season, and not everybody has Utley’s miraculous powers of rehab and recovery. IMO the only underachiever on the team last season is now making $125 million with the Nationholes.

  9. He’s right. 1980 Phillies had Pete Rose they won it all. 1993 Phils went to the world series because Lenny Dktra led the league in both hits and walks and that was the only time in the 90’s the phillies finished in first place (or half decent for that matter). J-Roll despite his numbers being bad last year was a very clutch hitter, when the team needed a hit or a win, there J-Roll was there to deliver (even with an average in the .240’s) If J-Roll can stay healthy hopefully his numbers will go back up. Schmidt’s right, Polanco was the most consistent hitter last year. But I wouldn’t just blame J-Roll, the only thing Utley did last year when the team neeeded a hit was lean into a pitch with his back (which is why his batting average was higher) All around the whole offense needs to get in gear. If it wasn’t for the fact of Halladay, Hamels, and Oswalt would the Phillies have won so many games? No!!!

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