Nikolay Zherdev is a Stubborn SOB

He was given a second chance here. Instead of making the most of it, Zherdev took a big ol' shit in the bed.

After not having played since February 10th, Zherdev and his agent, Jay Grossman, requested the Flyers seek other teams for his half-assed services. Holmgren was happy to oblige by waiving Z:[Philly Sports Daily]

“His agent [Jay Grossman] and Nik, they’re obviously not happy with the situation here,” general manager Paul Holmgren said. “They’d asked us to look around for options. Nothing really came of that through trades, so we’ll see what happens with this.”


This started on day one. A Flyers source told me early on that Grossman had to be called in to talk to his client, who hid behind his Russian heritage so he didn't have to speak to the media… even though he speaks perfectly good English. Zherdev conceded briefly, saying he only wouldn't talk to Tim Panaccio. That's a story we've detailed several times.

By all accounts, Zherdev quickly went back to his quiet ways. And while that may have nothing to do with his performance on the ice, it shows exactly the type of person he is. A flake.

He is a very skilled hockey player. That is apparent when you watched him play this season (the few times he was actually trying). But he's also a guy who can't seem to buy into a team concept, something that obviously won't fly with Lavs.

“I think at times for me it was just the level of play,” Laviolette said. “It wasn’t the skill thing, it was the level and the level that he played. There were other guys that were performing better. So there’s only nine that can go in there – the nine I felt were playing.”


Zherdev, however, when asked why he didn't play, just shrugged and said "I do my job."

Stevie Why, who said Zherdev literally ducked out the back door and jumped into a Lincoln Town car upon finding out the news, has an excellent recap over at Philly Sports Daily of what will happen now. Read it.


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  1. Give credit to Hitchcock for nailing this guy on the head 3 years ago.
    Every coach seems to have his whipping post. Hitch’s was a guy that went to Chicago…oh yeah his name was Patrick Sharp, right? The trade to Chicago seemed to wake him up.
    I assume Lav’s whipping post is Z.
    Maybe this is what Z needs.

  2. Ofcourse he didt want a second chance, philly is a dump. feel bad for him even to live there for these last couple months. And why would he want to play for a team that scratches him over losers like carcillo and shelley

  3. You can take Lavs’ quotes and apply it to his skank GF. Hell, he’s no Adonnis, but if he just applied himself in the slightest and raised his level of play just a smiggeon, he could have even got Carter’s or Versteeg’s sloppy-2nds and rejects.
    Sheesh! How many pictures do you have of her and that mole? Why can’t her hair flops cover that? That thing’s bigger than most of those funky domes that are on top of the Kremlin. I’m getting the dooosh-chills just thinking about it.

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