Phillies to Appear on FOX Nine Times During Season

The Phillies announced their 2011 broadcast schedule today. It includes 103 games on CSN, 45 on MyPHL17 (including the opener), nine on FOX, three on the Comcast Network, and two on ESPN's Sunday Night Game of the Week.

Carry on.


8 Responses

  1. Ya know, while it’s a great thing for the Phillies (more money, more national exposure, etc) I hate Fox games… I’m either a tomato by the time I get home, or I have to listen to Tim Mccarver and Joe Buck. That being said, they could probably stop all beer sales and light the seat on fire, and it would be less unpleasant to spend 3 hours sitting in than listening to those two…

  2. Ill take 2 on ESPN. atleast we will only have to deal with that damn cameraman running out of the 3rd base dugout on home runs for 2 games. that shit gets annoying

  3. The question is, how many Rays/Sox games will be airing on FOX at the same time as the Phils games? I need to brace myself for the all-important interruptions to bring us Manny’s at-bats.

  4. we’ll see more sunday night games towards the end of the season. isn’t flex scheduling great?

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