Phils Frontrunners to Land John Maine

At least according to ESPN New York they are.

Adam Rubin reports that the Phillies are "the most likely spot for Maine."

Stop it, Rube (Amaro).

Do the Phillies really need another mediocre right-handed pitcher? They have Joe Blanton and Kyle Kendrick to round out the best rotation ever. Is more really necessary?

Maine is only moderately better than either of those two- Blanton has a better career ERA and WHIP- and he is coming off shoulder surgery. There are plenty of pinholes in the lineup that could be filled long before addresssing the need for another fifth starter.


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  1. Ruben’s view is that pitching and defense wins championships. This helps solidify the starting pitching staff if anyone gets hurt. Why not add depth and if we don’t need one of the pitchers come the trade deadline we can trade one for whatever our current need is… most likely a right handed hitting outfielder.

  2. Johnny hit the nail right on the head. Teams can never have too much pitching. Remember the days of filling the rotation with golden studs like Amaury Telamaco? Never again, folks. Never again.

  3. Before his time ended in NY there was the thought that he could be more effective as a relief pitcher(closer).

  4. “Maine is only moderately better than either of those two”
    Based on what? Him throwing more than 150 innings only once of his career low ERA of 3.60?

  5. Maybe Rubes thinks Maine would be a good fit in Right Field. The man is a genius. Don’t question him.

  6. all i care is that when we need a spot start just to be nice to other teams, John Maine 3 hits the mets in Citi Field. I would die laughing and then I hope he gets shelled against other teams to piss them off even more. (In getting rocked I also hope the Phillies win 10-7.)

  7. Jact… give it up we’re not getting Pujols. However on the .05% chance we do lets just sign Sabathia when he opts out of his contract to be our 5th starter lol.

  8. Alex – Totally know he’s not comin’, but after this off-season, I’d never say never with Amaro in charge.

  9. We’re not getting Pujols, lol. He wants like 300 million…he’s going to break every major hitting record with whatever team he locks it down with, so he can legitimately get 300 mill for like 10 years. He’ll stay in St. Louis, or he’ll be a Yankee.

  10. I don’t put anything past Ruben. I could see him signing Maine and in the process flipping Blanton. In fact I think he’d deal Blanton just because he was pissed to see him at the press conference ruining what he created with Halladay-Lee-Oswalt-Hamels. RAJ is a prick like that. But he’s our prick.

  11. Hahahahahha you noticed how the Phillies always pick up METS garbage? nelson figueroa and now john maine the past two years. That makes phillies look pathetic

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