Ryan Howard Attends Bud Light Super Bowl Party

Hollywood Howard was in attendance at the Bud Light Super Bowl party with his girlfriend, Krystle Campbell. At least, we think that's Krystle. She looks a little different than she does here.

Let's turn our attention to Piece for a second. It's like his jacket isn't sure what kind jacket it wants to be, so it has two fold-over pockets and a zipper pocket… and that's just on the left side. I'm fearful Krystle is shielding velcro on the right. And yes, that's a belt around his collar. What the hell, How?

This makes two years in a row Piece and KC attended the Super Bowl… or at least the parties surrounding it.

via Terez Owens and Second String Blog


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  1. Ha! I was reading that the whole time as saying “Pierce” instead of “Piece” and I was about to ask what the hell you were talking about. I was afraid I was missing a joke somewhere.

  2. ” It’s like his jacket isn’t sure what kind jacket it wants to be, so it has two fold-over pockets and a zipper pocket… and that’s just on the left side”….BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAA

  3. Jeez, KS. What a petty b*tch you’re acting like. WGAS?, WGAF? about Howard’s fashion sense as long as he keeps hitting them balls out of the park.
    And you know what they say about people in glass houses throwing stones? Before you become famous as the Joan Rivers of the sports-blogging world, you might want to do something with that “beard” you’re using in your past couple of profiles:
    It looks like you’re trying to cultivate that “What if George Michael and Boy George had a kid together” look in those pics.

  4. Big around the middle? I dunno. Ryan’s never been a scuplted, six-pack carrying demigod, and those loose fitting clothes makes a definitive opinion on his weight difficult. But hey, as long as he’s in shape come Opening Day, that’s all I care about.

  5. I’m pretty sure that if he had a big meal that night he burned it all of later…ifff you know what I mean.

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